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  • CX-GL M.C.C. UK Constitution

    1. Name
    The club will be called the CX-GL M.C.C. UK (hereafter called the M.C.C.), and was formed on the 11th February 2002.

    2. Aims and objectives

    The aims and objectives of are:

    ·         To run a forum for information relating to Honda CX/GL motorbikes, with general sections open to the public and restricted access sections for members.


    ·         To promote the M.C.C. and our motorcycles, for the benefit of all and to promote sharing of technical advice and knowledge and assist members to obtain parts.

    ·         To run the M.C.C./forum in a fair way for everyone, free from all discrimination, bullying and offensive or provocative (adult or otherwise) material

    ·         To run the forum free from commercial business or trade, advertising or large scale for-profit trading.

    ·         To manage the M.C.C. openly, with appropriate controls and accountability.

    ·         To ensure a duty of care to all members of the M.C.C.

    ·         To hold one National Rally per year and support regional meetings and appearances at bike shows


    3. Membership

    All present and future members by accepting membership agree to ensure that all, and any, users of the forum, associated website and chat room;

    ·         Are treated with respect and common decency and receive fair and equal treatment.

    ·         Respect all management decisions made properly in accordance with the constitution.

    ·         Abide by and adhere to the “M.C.C. Online Forum Members’ Guidelines” (Appendix A).


    Accepted members will be enrolled in one of the following categories:


    ·  Full member (subscribed) - Anyone who has an interest in CX/GL motorcycles who has submitted and had accepted an application for membership and has paid the appropriate annual membership fee.

    ·  Associate member (unsubscribed) - Anyone not resident in the United Kingdom, Eire, independent islands / protected states, who has an interest in CX/GL motorcycles who has submitted and had accepted an application for membership


    ·  Family Full member (subscribed) - Anyone with an interest in CX/GL motorcycles who has submitted and had accepted an application for membership and has paid the appropriate annual Family membership fee.  This will include extended membership of one other adult (subscribed) and all children (unsubscribed), aged 17 years and younger living at the same address as the member.

    ·  Honorary Life member.  A privilege granted by the M.C.C membership in accordance with procedure, to a member who has performed one or more outstanding service or deed for the M.C.C.  An Honorary Life member is deemed to be a Full Member but is exempt from the annual membership fee.


    4. Membership fees

    Membership fees will be set annually in the Annual General Meeting voting process.

    Fees will be paid annually and renewed on the anniversary of membership. Failure to renew on time will result in suspension of membership and all rights.


    5. Officers of the club

    The elected officers of the M.C.C. will be:

    ·         Chairperson

    ·         Treasurer

    ·         An uneven number of managers of not less than 3 and not more than 5.


    Officers will serve a term of 2 years and will be elected through the Annual General Meeting voting process.


    Officers may stand for re-election (against other proposed and seconded members) for another term, if proposed and seconded in accordance with election procedure.


    Officers must be subscribed or Honorary Lifetime members of the M.C.C.


    The full Management Team consists of elected Officers and any members appointed to assist them in advisory capacities (but without voting rights); these may include (where not represented by an elected Officer) but not be limited to;

    ·         Membership Secretary

    ·         Webmaster

    ·         Rally Committee Representative

    ·         Regional Representatives (regions being defined by the Management Team)

    ·         Any other relevant positions appointed by the Management Team


    The Management Team will select the Chairperson from the elected officers.


    In the event of an Officer stepping down, (or being asked to step down following an EGM convened for that purpose) and an even number of Officers being left in place or the number of elected Officers falling below the minimum number of 5, an EGM will be called to elect a replacement (and for that purpose only).


    6. Management Team and responsibilities

    The club will be managed by the Management Team. Elections for Officers will take place as prescribed, as part of the AGM voting process.

    ·         The Management agrees to respect and represent the best interest of the members and M.C.C. and agree to adhere to the “M.C.C. Managers’ Procedures”, (Appendix B)


    ·         Only elected Officers will have the right to vote at meetings of the Management Team. In the event of a tied vote the Management Team may call a full members online vote.


    ·         The Management Team will have powers to call an online vote on matters requiring a decision by the membership, but not relating to the constitution or elections, at any time, and to implement a decision based on the result of such a vote/poll.

    ·         The Management Team meetings will be convened and held no less than 4 times per year. All decisions and actions taken at these meetings will be recorded and be published in the administration section of the forum, open to members.

    ·         The quorum required for business to be agreed at Management Team meetings will be 70 % of Officers in post or not less than 3 Officers in total, whichever is higher.

    ·         The Management Team will be responsible for adopting new policy, codes of practice and rules that affect the organisation of the M.C.C., after ensuring that members’ wishes have been identified and respected. They will ensure that the online AGM voting procedure is followed.


    ·         The Management Team will be responsible for ensuring the appointment of regional representatives in accordance with the wishes of the members in each region, which may be by vote if required.

    ·         The Management Team will have powers to appoint sub-committees as necessary and appoint advisers to the Management Team as necessary to fulfil its business.

    ·         The Management Team will be responsible for disciplinary hearings of any member who infringes the M.C.C. rules, regulations or constitution. The Management Team will be responsible for taking any action, including either suspensions or expulsions, following such hearings.

    ·         Management Team and members granted forum moderator rights to ANY part of the M.C.C. forum must adhere to the “M.C.C. Online Forum Moderators’ Guidelines”, (Appendix C).

    ·         The Management Team will maintain members' personal data which will be held on the M.C.C membership database. This information is for the running of the M.C.C. both nationally  and regionally, and will not be divulged to any third party


    7. Finance

    The financial year of the M.C.C. will end on 31st December.


    All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the M.C.C. A minimum balance will be maintained at all times, of 10% of the opening balance as at 1st of January in the current year.

    The M.C.C. will be funded by membership subscription fees, donations and any profits generated through the M.C.C. shop, or show attendance fees. Membership and Family membership fees will be determined through the AGM voting process.

    The M.C.C. Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the M.C.C. and will publish regular financial statements at least once per quarter year in the member’s only area of the forum.

     A statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer and published on the Forum.

    Any cheques drawn against M.C.C. funds should hold the signatures of the Treasurer plus up to two other Management Team members.

    Any Internet payment transfers will be authorised to the Treasurer by a minimum of 3 Officers.


    All members can, on request, receive a breakdown of previous financial activities and the current bank balance. All requests will be promptly acted upon.


    8. Annual General Meetings


    Notice of Annual General Meetings (AGM) voting will be given by the Management Team not less than 6 weeks prior to voting commencing. The AGM voting will take place online through the M.C.C forum


    Nominations for Officers of the Management Team must be sent to the Management Team prior to the AGM voting process.


    Any nominations for Honorary Life Membership will be sent to the Management Team prior to the AGM voting process.


    All subscribed and Honorary Lifetime members have the right to vote at the AGM.


    An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time by the Management Team or by 10 full members (or 20% of full members, whichever is the smaller number) outside the AGM process, to vote on the proposed motion (and only that motion). Procedures for EGMs will be the same as for the AGM.


    8a. Annual General Meetings Voting Process

    AGM voting will take place online through the M.C.C. forum.

    ·         Motions / Nominations may be made following announcement of the AGM must have a proposer and seconder.

    ·         Call for Motions will close 4 weeks before the AGM voting opens

    ·         The Management Team will then publish these motions for all members to consider for at least 4 weeks before AGM voting opens. The Management Team will ensure all properly addressed questions are answered. The Management Team may combine two or more motions.

    ·         Amendments to motions will be taken up to the opening day of the voting process, and must have a proposer and seconder.

    ·         Final voting will be opened by publication of the proposals and closed no sooner than 2 weeks afterwards. Once the voting has been opened no further amendments will be accepted. Voting will take place on amendments to motions in reverse order, then finally to the original motion (now including the passed amendments). The Management Team may determine the order of voting on amendments to motions, where necessary to avoid any confusion or voting on amendments later superseded.


    ·         The Management Team will be responsible for the implementation of any proposal for Honorary Life Membership. Only after a unanimous Management Team vote in favour of the proposal will the proposal be put to the members for an online vote. Approval will only be by a 75% majority of cast member votes.

    ·         Any proposal / election will be carried by a 60 % majority of votes cast.

    ·         Any amendments to the constitution will only be carried by a 70% majority of votes cast.

    ·         Results will be published in the members’ only section within 2 weeks of the close of voting. Amendments to the constitution will be made and the amended constitution will be published within 30 days of close of AGM voting.


    8b. Voting Process outside of the AGM

    Where the Management Team deem the need for a vote to be called on issues not relating to constitutional or election matters, they may do so at any time. Voting will take place online through the M.C.C. forum.


    All nominations and proposals for voting on must be published for 1 month, before the voting process is opened. Amendments will be accepted as for AGM motions. Voting will then be opened and allowed to run for 2 weeks. At the close of voting, the results will be published within 7 days and implemented 2 weeks there-after.

    For other issues where the Management Team feels the need to establish the feelings of the membership, an online poll/vote may be setup at any time in the members’ only section of the Forum.


    9. Discipline and appeals

    All complaints about any member(s) must be submitted in writing to the Management Team.


    The Management Team will hear complaints within 2 weeks of a complaint being lodged.

    After appropriate enquiries and representation by all the parties concerned the Management Team can, after a majority decision, take appropriate disciplinary action including the expulsion or suspension of membership. The minimum term of any suspension is 3 months.


    The outcome of any disciplinary hearing should be notified in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the member against whom the complaint was made within 2 weeks of the hearing.


    There will be the right of appeal to the Management Team following disciplinary action being announced. The Management Team will consider the appeal within 2 weeks of receiving the appeal and grant a final decision within an additional 2 weeks.


    Any returning member should be allowed back automatically, subject to their explicit agreement to section 3 of the constitution, unless they were expelled or left for serious reasons; In which case the Management Team may poll the membership for acceptance of re-admittance of said member


    10. Dissolution

    A resolution to dissolve the M.C.C. can only be passed at an AGM or EGM through a majority vote of the membership and at least a 70% majority of cast votes.


    In the event of dissolution, any assets of the M.C.C. that remain will be disbursed in accordance with the wishes of the membership voting in said vote, but cannot be to the benefit of any single individual.


    11. Amendments to the constitution

    The constitution will only be changed through agreement by 70% majority of cast votes in the AGM / EGM voting process.


    Under extreme circumstances the management may make a temporary change to the constitution which will stand until the next AGM or a called EGM. Members MUST be notified by email and through publication on the forum of any such change.


    12. Declaration

    CX-GL M.C.C. hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as a current operating guide regulating the actions of all members.


    Signed: _____________________Date:      Signed: _____________________Date:


    Name:_________________________           Name:_________________________

    Position: M.C.C. Management Team         Position: M.C.C. Management Team


    Note: At time of adoption of the constitution member fees are £10.


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