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  1. ericry

    Ignition coil

    That link to the US carb cleaning solution also sells cleaners too. The friend of mine got his one from a chinese website - seems to work fine and it was about 80 quid I think ! Eric.
  2. ericry

    Ultrasonic carb cleaning fluid !

    Nah, I dab it on as aftershave Marty !
  3. I know some people use made up mixes in their US Cleaners but I used this stuff recently and it is excellent. A friend has a 6 litre stainless steel heated US Cleaner and 15 minutes in it (turn over once after 8 minutes) in a solution of the stuff below (mixed with 5 litres of distilled water and at 50 degree Celsius done a beautiful job - shiney and clean but even better the bike would idle again !! Top stuff - smells very strong - wouldnt touch it without gloves and rinse parts well with water afterwards wearing gloves too !! https://www.bestultrasonic.co.uk/carburettor--engine-cleaner--ultrasonic-cleaning-solution-1-litre-104-p.asp
  4. ericry

    Ignition coil

    Make sure you use special carb cleaning fluid i nthe the US Cleaner - I got some for one of the lads here and put my troublesome carb (from a Beta Alp) into it and it came out shining and working great now. It was a decent size cleaner (6 litres) and it heated the fluid up to 50 degrees. https://www.bestultrasonic.co.uk/carburettor--engine-cleaner--ultrasonic-cleaning-solution-1-litre-104-p.asp - handle with care its powerful stuff - use gloves !!
  5. ericry


    You shouldnt have a problem getting that Graham, just get the word out. The old BMW crowd look for these for their classic look. Post on FB too.
  6. ericry

    Love this

    ...and my right leg....and my soaking back !
  7. ericry

    Events coming up soon.

    Motorcycle Live 17-25 Nov NEC Birmingham !
  8. ericry

    chrome to stop ?

    True ! 🙂 Eric.
  9. ericry

    project four

    yeah but since then I cut the arse off it, removed the mudguards and replaced the brake resevoir with a small clear plastic tube...its now worth £7500 !! Eric.
  10. ericry

    [FOR SALE]Honda CBX 1000z/ab

    very nice Lance.......not good to a guy like me with no money, no space and never used a cleaning rag on a bike in my life !! Eric. Would you take £1.50 a week with a £4.75 payment up front ????

About ericry


The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.