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  1. ericry

    Stafford show

    Us haggle???.... never
  2. If they had shaft drive they would be perfect!
  3. ericry


    I'd imagine it does Trev! 😁
  4. ericry


    23 years since my last baby made Marty, making them is the easy bit, it's the 20 years after is the work. We foster a little girl who's 7 now since she was 3 months so that keeps us on our toes! Forgot to mention the kayak and kayaking gear in the shed too along with all the horsey gear, food too... Good to keep busy.... Eric.
  5. Liked the look of the W800 - are they a good bike ? Eric.
  6. ericry

    bleeding brakes

    You flash git, thats about £9.34 more than you usually spend !! Eric.
  7. ericry

    Green cross

    I think its to do with how many people rate your posts as useful etc.....in other words useless !! Eric.
  8. ericry


    With 5 motorbikes, about 10 bicycles, a ride on mower, half completed pallet-sized chick house, punch bag, abs bench etc etc Its a journey to get through the shed from the wall at the bench to a free space where I'm working on a bike..........need a bike life beside the bench....but chicken house in the way..dont want to rush it as its only about 7 years in progress !! Eric.
  9. WD40 is a water repellent to force water out of connections etc...its not a good protector after that..ACF50 is ! I run my 500 euro with the fuel tap off until it cuts out...if I dont do this this its a real beeatch to start the next time...even if only a day or two ! Eric.
  10. ericry

    Bike wanted for low money

    Once you are logged in the you should be able to edit your own posts - unless there is a system setting where you cant edit it after a certain period of time (like an hour or something) - I've seen this setting on some websites - its used to stop people continually updating their original posts and confusing people who then read replies that seem to be at odds with the original post. eg if someone said something not nice and lots of people replied getting on to them, then they come back days later and change the text of the original post..... Not sure if this is on for members on this site, it could be a default setting - as Pete said as managers we have this option for all posts, not just our own so we cant tell ! Best way is reply on the thread with an update to the original message to clarify Eric.
  11. ericry

    Stafford show

    Would love to go at some point but would need to be a ferry trip with a car or a van just in case (thats what you tell the wife) you find a real bargain !! Eric.
  12. ericry

    New Member from Bradford

    Welcome Barry ! Eric
  13. ericry

    Trike Exmouth

    not my thing either, all the disadvantages of biking without the advantages or being easily able to filter through traffic or good acceleration etc. Eric
  14. ericry

    New Member

    Welcome Rob ! Eric.
  15. Anyone going ? Going there on 21st Nov, return flights from Dublin for 20 euro then free ticket into the event when you present your passport and boarding card - cant go wrong at that price !! Eric.

About ericry


The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.