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  1. Hi all, Sarah and I are planning on going and hope to be they at midday.
  2. Monty

    New Member

    Welcome to the club and enjoy the bike.
  3. Marty I gave that a go, picture work well BUT was unable to up load a video. I took it on Facebook live saved it to my mob but when useing club site icon for up loading picture ect it would not take me to my saved video. Am I missing something? Any luck with my patch? M
  4. Here she is, running after 10 mouths all I did was charged the battery drain the carb and new petrol just love it put a smile on my face , no idear whats happened to the sound! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2208311919406212&id=100006822757784
  5. Monty


    It works for me, and I can find what I need when the bike ramp is down all tools are within an arm's reach.
  6. Monty

    web site update

    Hi Marty, I feel the new club site is much better and can only improve with time, one small thing if something is moved to a member section, say a meet up you are unable to post so why not set up on that page . I'm going Maybe Not going Then you can see interested members for that event just like Facebook. Monty
  7. Monty

    Just chilling!!

    Just taking some time out before going back on call with Cornwall blood bike for the next 6 days.
  8. Monty

    Private members section gone

    Members only section was coming up on my mob, but now it's gone. Will it return???!!
  9. Monty

    Lost it

    Where's members only section gone??
  10. Monty

    Southwest meet up

    Found it!!, But you cannot post to say your going, or I cannot see that bit. Would be good if you could have . Going 2. Maybe 3. Not going Just like Facebook could this be add to the new club site? Anyway I'm going see you at midday Monty
  11. Monty

    Southwest meet up

    Sounds great, cheers. P.s where is southwest section?
  12. Monty

    Southwest meet up

    Hi , Pete, let's go for that date and see how many taker's,
  13. Monty

    Ilfracombe bike show

    Did anyone go, picture please
  14. Monty

    Southwest meet up

    The above is as good as any, so let's set a date NOT 28th October.

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.