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  1. Pete g, have sent you a pm.

  2. Why whatapps are very good it may take the club back to when we had a Facebook club site split, with such  a new web site now in place put all info and contact / pictures on the club site only,

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    2. Monty


      Rob, not saying its a bad thing just needs to work along side the club site, was in a group like this for blood bikes and had to leave it as then at work I was getting up wards if 50 messages a day.

      If say something could be put onto club site and then a group message day before or morning am  to remind members may work well.

      Great input on your part to get things moving ref meet up ect.

      Ride safe


    3. F.W.R


      Hi Monty, as there are only 5 Northwest members so I don't envisage anywhere that number of messages in a few months never mind in a day, though understand with a large group it could get a tad silly.

      My point about WhatsApp is it's just a txt message to your mobile phone which most of us have at hand, rather than having to turn on and then log into our computers, plus as a good example of the convenience of WhatsApp whilst meeting with a bunch of mates we were waiting for the last few to arrive at our meeting point when we got a message to say one couldn't make it, (last minute due to a problem) saved us hanging about and one had broken down en-route to which we detoured to help him out.

      We would never have received that information had it only been posted on the website and the certainly Martin couldn't have contacted us all without his phone.

      Hope you have a good afternoon for your festive lunch on the 8th.

      Regards Rob.

  3. Hi all, Sarah and I are planning on going and hope to be they at midday.

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.