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Andy Geelan

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  1. Andy Geelan

    Bedford Rally

    Pete, I may be interested, keep me informed and I will try to be part of it.We did say that there should still be a meet up even if there is no National. It would be a shame if we lost this site as its a good one. Andy.
  2. Andy Geelan

    gearshift spring

    Actually, that is a useful lead and I could go and see them on Tuesday as i'm quite close to Stevenage, Thanks.
  3. Andy Geelan

    gearshift spring

    No, he has had them made. I have had some from him before and they are good quality made in a dark colour rather than the bright Zinc finish on the Honda item. I have ordered a few springs and this leaves him with 15 springs but he won't be getting any more made and the price is fair at $5 (about £3.80) plus the air posting. This guy "Joe" literally sold hundreds of springs to US forum members and a good number of members on this site have purchased from him. Andy.
  4. Andy Geelan

    gearshift spring

    I have received a message from Joe on the US forum and he has a few springs in stock for $5 US dollars each plus the post. He doesn't have many so it's "first come first served" and it might be a while before these become available again so look for fogelsuillejoe if you need this spring. JC motofaction (on this page) has three springs for sale but he is in Australia and postage will be a little expensive.
  5. Andy Geelan

    gearshift spring

    Thank You J.C, on behalf of the club I would be willing to purchase all that you have so please PM me to work out details. Andy.
  6. Andy Geelan

    gearshift spring

    Lawrie, CMSNL are out of stock of the springs at the moment but I have added it to my watchlist but I have found the guy on CX500.com.forum fogelsuillejoe who also lists himself as joepaint on ebay. This is the guy who makes an aftermarket spring which is very good so I have sent him a message. Hopefully he will have some that he is prepared to sell, I will keep you informed as I want some as well. Andy.
  7. Andy Geelan

    gearshift spring

    Maggots and more have one or two on ebay, cheapest price is £6.95 plus post. When I find the details on the USA CX forum, I will try to buy a few new ones because they are getting harder to source. Have a look on CMSNL to see if they have restocked but I think that Silver buys parts from them as well. Hope you find one. Andy.
  8. Andy Geelan

    New Member

    If it was an early A model, the breather would be two rubber pipes above the cylinder head which feed into one pipe via a "Y" pipe and into the hole in the airbox, This was known to spray some oil onto the airfilter when ridden hard and so Honda introduced a modification which included an alumimium type bottle and a pipe which which ran from the inspection cover for the timing, over and under the r/h carb and onto the air filter hole. The two outlets on the cylinder heads were blocked with rubber caps and this was a kit that Honda sold to prevent oil in the airbox. Later A models had this fitted as standard and the cylinder heads were produced without the outlets which carried on into the B Euro Custom and GL500 models so as the heads are interchangable, it is not uncommon to see an earlier engine with the later heads and aluminium breather bottle. Andy.
  9. Andy Geelan


    Where is the fun in being able to find the tool you need without searching the floors of three sheds and under the stairs- It's all about the challenge, it's a hobby after all! Hmmmmmm, some people!!!!!!!!!
  10. Andy Geelan

    New Member

    Hello Rob, Welcome to the club. That's a tidy looking A model, looks quite sound. well done, you are not alone as there are many members with similar bikes.
  11. Andy Geelan

    [FOR SALE]Bobba project ?

    I did pop down to sunny Wiltshire to peruse the goods and came away with one or two inconsequential items that nobody here would be remotely interested in, so I won't bother you with the boring details. The frame of this project is a 1980 CX500 Custom frame that looks like its a USA import and the number plate is on DVLA suggesting that its similar if not the very one from the bike, only by obtaining the V5 would you be able to match frame and number plate together but it looks likely that it is. Only the back of the frame looks to have any work done to accommodate the single seat and all that needs is a little tidy up. Swing arm is good, no rust and needs paint. Forks are beefy and in good nick- The yolk stem has been fashioned to fit the CX frame but the lock stop needs finishing(easy fix) and the top/bottom yolks are good beefy looking things with chunky forks with good chrome and don't look to be leaking. Front wheel is a fairly wide 17 inch possibly Honda wheel in good condition with good disks (Front end may be a VFR 750). I didn't look at the engine but its a complete 5OO GL engine which would fit but being a TI version need suitable wiring.The harley tank also looks super cool. There are tons and tons of engine parts, brake parts, body parts and wiring that arrived on this haul which Marty has not had time to sift through so the potential buyer may finds most of what he/she needs in the boxes. I think that this could be a very nice "one off" special if the right buyer came along and it doesn't need much fabrication. The GL500 project is also worthy of a look as the number plate seems to match the parts that is present(Black body parts) but you would need to obtain the V5 to match numbers. Also in the boxes are the majority of the parts to progress the project but they need sifting out and again could be a very viable project. Marty has obtained all of these parts so that our members can purchase them for our own projects and any funds raised will go back into the club for the future, he has done this in his own time and expense so now is the time to contact Marty (after Stafford show weekend) and see if there's anything that you need-He has not done this for profit. Most of the engine parts are for 500's and bodywork is mainly for the GL models but there are bits in boxes which have not been identified so if you need; Ask. Finding hauls of these parts do not come up very often so it's nice to see them being offered within our community, it's a good reason to be in the CX-GL MCC so lets see if we can give them a good home. Andy.
  12. Andy Geelan

    CX500 Custom Gauges(or similar) Wanted.

    Ignore the above post please, I have located a set of gauges. Thanks Andy.
  13. Hello, Looking for a set of clocks for a CX500 Custom model or any similar Honda bike for the same period, KMH or incomplete would be ok as I only need the frame and lights/wiring part of them. I know that there are a few sets on ebay but what have you got. PM me if you can help. Thanks. Andy.
  14. Andy Geelan

    Help!! Parts Finder

    Geoff, If you want some good used pattern cables to keep you going, PM me your details and I can send a set. Andy.
  15. Andy Geelan

    Water leak

    I have had this problem many times myself. I test the radiator system with ordinary tap water and when satisfied I will drain it out and refill with the correct coolant. The O ring sometimes pinches and fails to seal but I find using a good smear of red rubber grease usually helps to seat things properly. Didn't know that there was a seal available, must look it up, thanks.

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