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Everything posted by Bozo Bonzo

  1. Hello Andrew, Have you ever had a CX  or simular radiator refurbished. If so, who did you use or could you recommend a company in the Herts/Beds/Cambs area. Thanks

    Hope you are keeping good and have finished your CXZ engine.


    1. Andrew B

      Andrew B

      Hi Andy - no I haven't so I can't help you. I might be asking you the same question in a few months !  Slow going on the engine atm - busy at work and the block turned out to be u/s so done very little for 2 months. Just updated my thread so it's all in there.  Whereabouts are you ?

  2. Hello Pete, My coolant pipe arrived safe this morning. Thank You for keeping the wheels turning in this club, All the Best.


  3. Thanks for the wheels-You know who?????? Shhhhh.

    1. Andy Rayment

      Andy Rayment

      😀Thanks-was good to catch up.

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