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Status Updates posted by LAWRIE

  1. We are not in complete lockdown yet in Scotland, but for how long?

  2. Thanks Peter, the gaskets arrived today whilst I was still trying to work out how to send you 

    the money for them to your Paypal account. I know how to do a bank transfer if that helps if you send me your bank details or I can send you a cheque.

    1. BrendanO


      Hi Peter/Lawrie


      sorry to be a worrier, but that's a lot of personal data in one place - I hope no-one would take offence if I suggested it was deleted and you did this by PM instead?


      Alternatively, you could send the miney via my Bank of Nigeria account...





    2. Peter


      Thank Brendan, to be honest I don't know where the hell I'm posting, I thought it was a PM.

      With site appearing to be messed up I'm not getting the usual screens.


  3. Hi Peter thanks for your reply regarding the gaskets. I have tried the shop again but can't

    manage to get it to work. Can you please do it for me, I need 2. Thanks

    1. Peter


      Ok, the total cost, including postage, is £36.70.

      Because of the site problems I can't get at your address so if you let me have it I'll get them off to you.

      Pay the money into my PayPal account and I will credit it to the petty cash balance I hold.

      Account is [email protected]



    2. Peter


      Managed to get your address. Gaskets in the post 1st class tracked.   Should be with you Saturday but the way things are it could be Monday.

  4. Hi Peter can you tell me if you have any CX650 head gaskets in stock?  

    Pete G advised me to contact you as we seem to be having trouble with the shop at the moment.

    1. Peter



      I believe we do have the 650 head gaskets.

      I will have a look tomorrow and let you know.


    2. Peter


      Just checked the stock level and it shows 6.

      I can see the shop stock though the menu on the home screen.

      You should be able to order though that.  If not let me know and I will sort it out manually.

  5. I had the same bike as Alan (Oban1) when I was in the Fleet Air Arm stationed at HMS Goldcrest

    or RNAS Brawdy  near Haverford West in Pembrokeshire in South Wales. Returning from a weekend at home in Oldham, Lancs the bike broke down in the Bala area. I had to leave the bike

    with a farmer who had come to my assistance and hitched back to base. Before I could

    arrange to go and retrieve the bike I was posted to Singapore this was in 1961. I got in touch with the farmer and he said no worries the bike will be here when you come back.

    I wasn't able to go and get the bike until 1965 when I got back to the UK after having my

    tour in Singapore extended to replace someone who had gone sick on HMS Albion. With a little

    help from the farmer we managed to get the bike going and I just about managed to get back to South Wales. Happy Days.


    1. Andrew B

      Andrew B

      Lawrie - what a great story. Not sure how it got in your profile - shouldn't it be in the thread under OBAN's post ?  Not sure everyone will see it here.


    2. BrendanO


      :D great story Lawrie!!

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