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    Downpipe Clamp

    Finally got there , thanks men. I see that the Zabs have got three bolts holding the left heat shield, hence the addition to the clamp. But why can't they sell just 4 ordinary clamps for bikes that don't need the extra bit?

    Downpipe Clamp

    This clamp is a brand new one from Silvers for a CX500E and it is shown in the parts book for the Eurosport . I was beginning to like you after all these years even though you are from the wrong side of the Pennines.

    Downpipe Clamp

    The H box that I have got has got the right fixings for the heatshield. With this clamp the added bit gets in the way.

    Downpipe Clamp

    I forgot the Question " what is it for?

    Downpipe Clamp

    On the Left Hand downpipe clamp on the 500 Eurosport there is small threaded boss with a bolt attached. I know I am going to be embarrassed by the answer but put me out of my misery please.
  6. There is a nice CX on the front page of this months HOC mag, Golden Wing. I think I have seen it somewhere before, but nice to see a CX on there. Lawrie.

    silverwing side panels

    What is it about them that makes the Lug get damaged?

    Marrowbone & Cleaver

    Looks great Geoff. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it.
  9. Got the Eurosport started today, I've only had it about 6 years so it has been steady progress. Just got fine adjustments and going over all the nuts and bolts to make sure I have retightened it all and then down to the dreaded MOT.
  10. LAWRIE

    Garden feature

    You could have sold it to someone who does a Chelsea Flower Show Garden.
  11. LAWRIE

    Drive shaft Gaiter

    The one on the left the smaller one is the euro gaiter. Many thanks for finding one. PM on way.
  12. LAWRIE

    Drive shaft Gaiter

    Can anyone help me out with a Eurosport Drive Shaft Gaiter? I have just got round to putting an engine back that I have Had for a few years and noticed that the Gaiter I have is not the right one for the Eurosport. Your help will be much appreciated. Lawrie
  13. LAWRIE

    Sheds up

    That looks great Trev, have you got a spare fortnight to come and help me to tidy mine?
  14. LAWRIE

    Venue in Yorkshire

    Us Lankies would have to make sure our jabs are up to date. Sounds good.
  15. LAWRIE

    Fitting a G8 stator

    Thanks for that Geoff. When I ride the bike with the headlights on it flattens the battery, so I am thinking the Stator is at fault. I have got a G8 stator which checks out ok and so I thought I would put that in.

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.