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    how do they do it

    They won't fit the 500euro.

    [FOR SALE]Honda CBX 1000z/ab

    No I would let her sit on the pillion while we watched the displaced tele

    [FOR SALE]Honda CBX 1000z/ab

    I wouldn't need to widen the shed Brendan ,if I could afford to buy that, the Tele would be thrown out of the front room and the bike would take its place.

    [FOR SALE]Honda CBX 1000z/ab

    If only I was 30 years younger sigh! sigh!
  5. Hi Lance I only caught my own image by accident it wasn't intentional I was a bit surprised when I first saw the pictures. Darryl still lives in Montrose but I think he does a lot of overseas travel and touring these days.

    project one

    That looks Grrrrreat Trev
  7. The paintwork is as it was when I got it from Darryl (Greyghost) I think they are just stick on stripes. I have just smartened it up a bit,. well I think I have. I still have the Interstate it is winterised at the moment. Just working on a Euro that I got about 5 years ago at the moment, I got it at an Autojumble that they hold every year at the Alford Motor Museum that is just a few miles away. It was a bit of a mess and is slowly improving, keeps me out of mischief and gives HWMBO a bit of peace.

    Post a pic of your worst bike

    I had a couple of these a red one and a blue one for spares. Ugly but a nice comfortable ride did me proud for a few years. CA77Dream 305cc 1963
  9. Not yet arrived Pete. I transferred the money yesterday, have you checked your account?
  10. It was another fine sunny day so took advantage to go for a ride and see if my Mirror extenders worked. The better view was great but I was getting a slightly blurred view. So it is back to the drawing board and use some sturdier metal. I was stopped on a railway bridge over the Aberdeen to Inverness line about three miles out of Insch where I live Picture 3 is looking towards Insch and the next one is towards Huntly.
  11. LAWRIE

    Front master cylinder handle bar clamp

    I have one of those if you PM me your pars I will send it to you.
  12. LAWRIE

    Pillion footrests

    Thanks for that Pete.
  13. LAWRIE

    Past Events

    Are we still able to access Past Events ? if so can anybody tell me how to do it, or is it all gone?
  14. LAWRIE

    Pillion footrests

    Has anyone please got a set of ZAB pillion footrests?

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.