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    Venue in Yorkshire

    Us Lankies would have to make sure our jabs are up to date. Sounds good.

    Fitting a G8 stator

    Thanks for that Geoff. When I ride the bike with the headlights on it flattens the battery, so I am thinking the Stator is at fault. I have got a G8 stator which checks out ok and so I thought I would put that in.

    Fitting a G8 stator

    Can you please do it for me then Trev? A Pint at the annual get together.

    Fitting a G8 stator

    The heading should have read "Fitting a G8 Stator"
  5. I have got Ignitech on my ZAB and the charging is now not up to scratch. If I fit a G8 stator is that the only part that I need to change? All advice gratefully accepted.

    Profile Settings

    A lot of things have disappeared

    Soft or what

    From Gods own country mate" I towd em Owdham"

    Soft or what

    Us from the right side of the pennines used to think you lads from t'other side were well hard. The saying "no sense no feeling" comes to mind.

    Post a pic of your 1st bike

    There are more Senior moments than normal ones these days.
  10. LAWRIE

    Post a pic of your 1st bike

    I wrote yesterday about having the same model as Alan(Oban1) but it somehow went on my Profile. I am still a Numpty at this game.
  11. I had the same bike as Alan (Oban1) when I was in the Fleet Air Arm stationed at HMS Goldcrest

    or RNAS Brawdy  near Haverford West in Pembrokeshire in South Wales. Returning from a weekend at home in Oldham, Lancs the bike broke down in the Bala area. I had to leave the bike

    with a farmer who had come to my assistance and hitched back to base. Before I could

    arrange to go and retrieve the bike I was posted to Singapore this was in 1961. I got in touch with the farmer and he said no worries the bike will be here when you come back.

    I wasn't able to go and get the bike until 1965 when I got back to the UK after having my

    tour in Singapore extended to replace someone who had gone sick on HMS Albion. With a little

    help from the farmer we managed to get the bike going and I just about managed to get back to South Wales. Happy Days.


    1. Andrew B

      Andrew B

      Lawrie - what a great story. Not sure how it got in your profile - shouldn't it be in the thread under OBAN's post ?  Not sure everyone will see it here.


    2. BrendanO


      :D great story Lawrie!!

  12. LAWRIE

    Love this

    I would need to get a bigger tube of haemorrhoid cream (I wonder if I have spelt it right?) anyway nobbies cream.
  13. LAWRIE

    Cibie concave headlight conversion

    Did they get the right "Yorkshire Ripper" ?
  14. LAWRIE


    There is a set on ebay for £175. Yours look to be in a similar condition to the ones shown.

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.