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Derek horne

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  1. Have not seen any accounts for year ending 2019/20. Have we still got a secretary that looks after our accounts.

  2. Looking back at some of the comments on here about past rallies.when we first launched the club, we did,nt have a constitution  or membership fees.We just had meets rallies, etc.As were just a bunch of guys that had a certain type of motor cycle, and enjoyed riding them and meeting up and enjoyed one and others company. When fees were introduced they were used to sort out parts for members to keep bikes on the road.Remember when Rob Davis went to Germany In a van loaned by Regie and bought a Guys complete stock, Think it was about £900.00. Worth.As the club evolved and got bigger polotics crept into the club.That was when the club started to go down hill.Now what do we have, a club with barely 100 paid up members that have to abide to a constitution that is constantly being altererd to keep you all in line.At one time we had over 600 members who went out of there way to help each other and used to chat on Wednesday nights in the chat room. Yep it used to be great .











  3. Thats great news Del, hopefully see you there 👍

  4. A.good bit of news for a Chang.

    The tent for Gavin and the Devon rally boys has been collected by Lance who will now pass it on to Marty who will meet Gavin to hand it over to them in time for their rally.

    If you would like to see it, Log onto HOUSEOFTENTS.you are looking for 3x6 Marquee /Party tent with ground bar,PVC500 sq,White item No7232.


    It has a new heavy duty roof and side curtains with windows each side.

    Lance and Marty will be there early to help you get set up.

    With a bit of luck I could be there.Enjoy it lads and many thanks to Lance and Marty for helping with the transport.Delboy.



  5. Happy new year to all members.Hope the new year turns out successfull for the new year.

    1. F.W.R


      A very Happy New Year to everyone, hopefully we will have repeat of the wonderful weather we enjoyed in 2018, be safe everyone.

      Best regards Rob.


    Have not seen any posts about D.C.s resignation is he in or out.


    1. Derek horne

      Derek horne

      Guess he's out then

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