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  1. Hi Alan, Did you take the B3306 from St Ives to Lands End, a fantastic road for bikes with amazing views? I Really like those smaller 4 cyl Hondas compact and just look right the 400/4 was always one of my favourites. If you fancy a cuppa at J&S anytime let me know. Rob.
  2. Sounds like a fantastic trip, how many days was that over? do you have any other bikes or is it just the CX500?
  3. Hi and welcome to the club, now the better weather is here will have to see if we can get the North West local group together for a drink and chat one evening. Please do post any photos of the bike others will be interested in your project. Regards Rob.
  4. Hi Alan, A WhatsApp group is certainly an easy and instant way of making contact with anyone who is interested in a day out, I am a member of the VMCC in the Cheshire Cats section and we use WhatsApp to keep in contact and arrange days out. A few of my mates joined me on Tuesday and we had a good day out, great food with plenty to watch at Sleap Airfield, a tad disappointed at Ellesmere when we arrived to find the ice cream kiosk closed so we had to settle for a coffee and cake at the Lakeside cafe. Cheers Rob.
  5. Morning Boys, Anyone fancy a run tomorrow? I'm thinking meeting at J&S then heading out to Sleap Airfield and then on to Ellesmere Lake. Regards Rob.
  6. Hey no worries Mike, it was just an idea of communication made with one txt reached all those in the group. Just to add to this Mike, the pub meet was one good reason to have a whatsapp group, last minute decision finds all those in the group whereas a message on the website might not, plus you can see by the replies who is going to attend. The fact it's just a txt and not a website makes it so much more practical.
  7. Why whatapps are very good it may take the club back to when we had a Facebook club site split, with such  a new web site now in place put all info and contact / pictures on the club site only,

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    2. Monty


      Rob, not saying its a bad thing just needs to work along side the club site, was in a group like this for blood bikes and had to leave it as then at work I was getting up wards if 50 messages a day.

      If say something could be put onto club site and then a group message day before or morning am  to remind members may work well.

      Great input on your part to get things moving ref meet up ect.

      Ride safe


    3. F.W.R


      Hi Monty, as there are only 5 Northwest members so I don't envisage anywhere that number of messages in a few months never mind in a day, though understand with a large group it could get a tad silly.

      My point about WhatsApp is it's just a txt message to your mobile phone which most of us have at hand, rather than having to turn on and then log into our computers, plus as a good example of the convenience of WhatsApp whilst meeting with a bunch of mates we were waiting for the last few to arrive at our meeting point when we got a message to say one couldn't make it, (last minute due to a problem) saved us hanging about and one had broken down en-route to which we detoured to help him out.

      We would never have received that information had it only been posted on the website and the certainly Martin couldn't have contacted us all without his phone.

      Hope you have a good afternoon for your festive lunch on the 8th.

      Regards Rob.

  8. Hi All, Was wondering how the Northwest members felt about started a WhatsApp group, the easiest way to make contact, one txt reaches everyone at the same time, an excellent medium to pass on information, pictures etc. Your thoughts greatly appreciated. Regards Rob. Northwest Area Rep.
  9. Hi Peter, Understand family commitments, we are about to become grandparents mid January so a big change in our lives is coming over the horizon. Perhaps we could look at our diaries pick an evening every month say the first Tuesday, as for a location The Stretton Fox at Junction 10 on the M56 is a midway point between us and see how that works out. I was also thinking that we could have a Whatsapp group that way one txt reaches everyone. Would be very interested in your thoughts. Regards Rob.
  10. Thanks for that Mike, it would be good to arrange a rideout in the better weather and perhaps all meet up for a drink and chat one evening during the winter months. Got to ask are you the Mike that I chatted with about the CX500 engine on ebay, I was going to buy those bits off Marty but just missed them, if so I am still keen to pick up an engine. Regards Rob Randall. Mobile 07961418593
  11. Just thought I would pop this into our Area section for easy finding, hopefully will be of use to anyone visiting this area or indeed any of the North West members. I did post it on the main forum, but this will save any searching. Cafes in North West area.doc
  12. Morning Guys, Just thought I would ask where the Northwest membership live and if any of you fancied meeting up for a drink and chats, I am in Chester so pretty central.
  13. F.W.R


    some surgery taking place
  14. F.W.R


    A beautiful rainbow taken from my garden but which end is the pot of gold?

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