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Everything posted by mogsman

  1. mogsman

    Engine oil

    Hi all, been to Halfords looking at oil for the bike. In Halfords I found Mobil Extra 4T 10w-40 4 litre at £41 a bottle. As I have a trade card it went down to £9.60 a bottle. Ian
  2. mogsman

    Engine oil

    I think I used Rockoil, but it was over eight years since I last had the bike on the road. Done a few miles on the new oil and so far so good.
  3. mogsman

    bleeding brakes

    I use a simple bleeder, a bit of hope and a bit of swearing. Always get there in the end and then use a bungee around the lever. Learned that one years ago when I was last on here.
  4. mogsman

    Lost it

    Me too, and access in the classified section. I wonder if the system thinks I'm not a paid up member.
  5. mogsman

    Engine oil

    I buy most of my tools there as the advance range good quality with lifetime guarantee.
  6. mogsman

    Usb charger

    It does the job, cheap too and is out of the way.
  7. Made a bracket from stainless steel and fitted a USB charger. I used a feed from behind the headlight. It was a spare ignition switched black cable. No idea what it was originally for. The unit shows the voltage from the system and the amps drawn from whatever is plugged into it. Ian
  8. I think you may have the wrong part. https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-cx500-1981-b-england_model16473/clamp-harncable_32812470670/#.W6y3j_ZFzIV
  9. mogsman

    Battery chargers

    Nice bike though
  10. mogsman

    Battery chargers

    I've had the same optimate charger for years, still works well, but was expensive. I expect the Aldi charger would last a fair few years though. Ian