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  1. mogsman

    Peter Bambrook Rebuild

    BT 45's for me too. Can't fault them. They were recommended to me years ago.
  2. mogsman

    Any real beer drinkers here ?

    I get most of mine at Aldi, my local store have a very good range. We also have a few good breweries on the island.
  3. mogsman

    Ebay project bike

    I did say most. I would like a Thruxton though, but I don't do long journeys on my bike any more.
  4. mogsman

    Ebay project bike

    I paid £150 for mine fifteen years ago. At least I know I've doubled my money. When I bought mine I was laughed at, as then it was classed as old and unreliable. now all I get is how remarkable it is that it is on the road. To me most modern bikes and cars have no character.
  5. mogsman

    Engine paint

    I think most will go for a generic silver coloured high temperature engine paint. Probably worth a visit to an automotive paint supplier and see what they recommend.
  6. mogsman

    Peter Bambrook Rebuild

    Ignition switch looks fun and fiddly. The loom will make sense when wrapped. Looks very colourful like that.
  7. mogsman

    Front mudguard

    The clamps and bolts turned up today. Totally forgot about the bushes, but have ordered a pair from Wemoto.
  8. mogsman

    well i nearly did

    Might be worth pulling the petcock out of the tank and checking its filter as well as the carbs.
  9. mogsman

    Front mudguard

    I didn't think I would be able to get them at a decent price. They are special order, so could take a while to turn up. No rush as the brake hoses were never clamped with the after market mudguard and don't move anyway.
  10. mogsman


    Now ordered from David Silvers.
  11. mogsman

    Front mudguard

    Ordered from David Silvers with two new bolts for £16.28.
  12. mogsman

    Front mudguard

    Good point. I'll get a pair.
  13. mogsman

    Front mudguard

    They’re expensive at that price. I’d pay that if it was a pair.

Recent Profile Visitors

182 profile views