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Everything posted by JDub

  1. If that was you at Alton tonight, hi and welcome to the club

  2. Bozo, Andy - a guy called Kev Thompson from Nottingham had a refurbished rad for sale on the "Honda CX500 best motorcycle made" facebook group. if you can contact him should be able to tell you where he had it done.

    1. Andrew B

      Andrew B

      I don't know if it's another quirk of the 'new' site but I'm struggling to undestand this 'post''.  It's obviously not a PM to me (is it ?) but if it's a general post why does it come up as a 'status' ?

  3. Welcome to the club Tim, have a scan around, there’s sure to be something of interest in the forums, check out tech talk and Rob Davis’s web site, sure to be something there to help with your rebuild 👍

  4. JDub

    Duct tape

    Loo roll no problem for us either, this is what we normally use in Yorkshire
  5. JDub

    Ooh shiney....

    Dropped a few pics from last year on the south west gallery
  6. JDub

    Ooh shiney....

    I'd be happier if the tank was a bit bigger, gets a bit twitchy looking for a petrol station in France when you've done 110 miles. We have friends in York with a triumph rocket, they drive down to ours near Farnborough, stay overnight then we get ferry next day.
  7. JDub

    Ooh shiney....

    Its not a show bike but it looks ok, got a few things to do over winter like refurbishing carbs and swinging arm, but its to use not just to look at - were off to France on it again this year, La Rochelle this time.
  8. JDub

    Ooh shiney....

    Had the decals a while, just got round to putting them on
  9. Gallery was a bit empty, so i added something - don't leave me hanging.
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