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  1. JDub


    The menu and shop access works properly from iPhone and Android, I think it’s just the web interface for PCs that’s broken.
  2. JDub

    Rickman Honda rear rack

    There’s a rickman rack, box and panniers on eBay off a gold wing, need a lot of tlc though
  3. JDub

    strange whizzing sound when idling and revved

    I’d agree with Tacho cable, mine made a sound which I thought Might have been a short on the horn - a low whine I could hear at low revs which seemed to stop and start when moving handlebars. Turned out with an ear very close to various areas to be Tacho related. Headlight out and a good squirt of oil in the Tacho cable head stopped it.
  4. JDub

    Insurance - a warning

    pain in the arse isn't it, i shop around every year for 2 cars, m/c and the house insurance, takes a while but it can save hundreds of pounds.
  5. JDub

    Help needed please

    David silvers stocks them too
  6. JDub

    Rebuild CX500A

    Few conversations going on here I think mike, if your replying to my previous post most of the info I’ve read points to mine being a pretty standard B with a set of panniers and a box fitted. If you go back on the discovery tab to Wednesday 21:54 there’s a pic of my bike after I got carbs back on
  7. JDub

    Rebuild CX500A

    Dont panic Mr Mannering... found it on motofaction.org - definately a CX500B (no.2300237)
  8. JDub

    Rebuild CX500A

    Mike, Any chance that frame and engine detail will be available via the web site again or do you have the database/raw data that contains it to hand? I’d like to confirm if my CX is a B or a Z
  9. JDub

    Rebuild CX500A

    I’ve just knocked up a couple of short brass adapters on the lathe so getting the balancing gauges attached is quite easy
  10. JDub

    Sheds up

    I’d replace a few or all of the hinge screws with machine screws and locknuts, otherwise all you have to do to get in is take six screws out and the door comes off
  11. JDub

    FYI - How many left?

    I feel privileged to be an owner of one of the 23 500B’s still on the road
  12. JDub

    well i nearly did

    My carbs are in bits at this very moment and have already spent 30 minutes in the ultrasonic bath, waiting for rebuild kits to arrive in a couple of weeks. I had similar problem with leaking from overflow when engine wasn't running and using fuel, hoping new float needle valves fix that (spring seemed weak in one of them and didn't pop the float up as far as the other carb when held upside down with float chambers removed). Next job will be to cobble up some pipework to connect a couple of vacuum gauges i got on ebay last year so i can balance them.
  13. JDub

    Ooh shiney....

    Dropped a few pics from last year on the south west gallery
  14. JDub

    Ooh shiney....

    I'd be happier if the tank was a bit bigger, gets a bit twitchy looking for a petrol station in France when you've done 110 miles. We have friends in York with a triumph rocket, they drive down to ours near Farnborough, stay overnight then we get ferry next day.

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The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.