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  1. DC

    CX500 UK Bike?

  2. DC

    Classic Bike show Shepton Mallet Feb 2019

    Where do you live Tel ?
  3. DC

    Classic Bike show Shepton Mallet Feb 2019

    Would be good to meet you properly Tel. Great if you could bring your bike along. DC
  4. DC

    Classic Bike show Shepton Mallet Feb 2019

    Your choice John - Red or black but can do both, if required.
  5. DC

    New battery

    M&P Swansea will sell you a conventional battery for a CX/GL and the battery acid in a seperate bottle. Personally, I would go for a Motobatt (glassfibre filled) as you do not have the problem of filling the battery. When I did order a conventional battery and fill it with acid I ended up with holes in my T-shirt. Bloody lucky it did not splash into my eyes ! DC
  6. DC

    Classic Bike show Shepton Mallet Feb 2019

    Hi John Have 3 great original CXs (2 black and one red). Please let me know if you would like one, or more, of these bikes as part of your display. Will understand if you have already made the allocations. Please note, on my previous post, of my offer of assistance. Regards DC
  7. DC

    Classic Bike show Shepton Mallet Feb 2019

    Hi John Please let me know if you need any assistance with the show. I am ready and willing to help with whatever you need. Regards DC
  8. DC

    Chrome platers that will take dents out

    Mark. You may find a chrome plater that will take on the work but they will possibly sub contract out the dent removal work. You may want to look into the dent removal first of all to get a competitive price then, when the dents are bashed out, get them chromed. I can recommend a place in Bristol for chroming who I have found to be relatively cheaper than the competition. DC
  9. DC

    Bike wanted for low money

    Mark, I recall that you had a Suzuki GT250. If so, are you thinking of parting with it ?
  10. DC

    eBay Seller - davegeomat

    All Club members, please be aware of an eBay seller called davegeomat. He is selling Honda CX items but beware, from my recent experience with him, this is not a person who you would want to purchase from. His descriptions are very misleading and he is deceitful. In addition, he is positively rude when communicating. I have reported him to eBay. DC
  11. DC

    The clubs gas cooker / BBQ

    Marty, is the gas bottle from Liverpool ? How about using Ebay. Put it up for 99p and just take what we get. However, I will be surprised if it sells for a decent price, but at 99p someone will have it if only for scrap. DC
  12. DC

    2018 North Devon Rally

    I will pencil this in and intend to attend. I do like west Country beer DC
  13. DC

    Electrical Connector Blocks

    Hey Lance Thanks for your input. I managed to pull the female connector out after much grief and it became clear what I was doing was wrong. You have to go in at the open end of the connector at its base. Using a thin, narrow blade, pushed under the female connector, then this flattens the barb and the connector can simply be pulled out - result
  14. How do you prise out the female side of the spade connector in the electrical connector blocks. I'm having a real job trying to pull out the connector in the black connector block situated behind the headlight. I have no problem with the male side - just need to slide in a small thin screwdriver which releases the barb. Does the female side have the same or is there another technique. DC
  15. DC

    Bristol Bike show 3-5 Feb 2018

    Sadly my CX let me down just as I was about to leave the showground. No ignition lights when I put the key in. On the Saturday, I must have caused the fuse (near the rectifier) to break when I was checking to see what the amperage was compared to my A model. The B model has a differerent type of fuse (small spanner shaped) compared to the A model (glass type). After 37 years I guess the fuse was very brittle so objected to me giving it a wiggle. Luckily for me there was a spare fuse on the plastic cover but, unluckily for me, this was also fragile and broke in 2 when I tried to release it - bugger, what to do now. I recalled DF mentioned fuse wire earlier in the day so, having tracked him down, he came to the rescue by offering me the fuse from his own bike and Marty supplied a decent screwdriver (many thanks to you both), and I headed back to the bike to continue with the 'fix'. Replacement fuse in and tested before I replaced its plastic cover. When all was put back in place I tried the ignition again and .... bugger me, no idiot lights. I pulled the covers off again and checked DF's fuse and discovered that this fuse had also broken !! That's when I thought the worse i.e. A short circuit, but couldn't help thinking it was another brittle fuse which broke after the wiggle to get the fuse holder back into position. What to do now...... Well, I found a trader who was almost packed up but still had some small bags of copper wire priced at £2.50 but the lady just gave me a bag gratis. Back to the bike where I wound some of the wire between the screws and all worked fine. So, back on the bike and left showground one hour later than planned. It was a tad cold on the journey back to Farnborough but the bike ran perfectly and got me back in 2 hours. I was relieved to be home without any further problems and I thawed out nicely in front of my log fire and downed a well earned beer. Was good to be a part of the CX Club display at Shepton and meeting up with other attendees, but it was s**t cold especially on the Saturday. My apologies to Mark (travelling man) if my snoring kept you awake. Anyway, the fuse episode has helped me learn more about my bike electrics, and the cold episode has encouraged me to invest in some heated grips which will come in handy for the trip to the National Rally. Being 'up north', it's bound to be bloody cold. DC

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The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.