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About Tallpaul

  1. Tallpaul


    Arild, I fitted a pair of perforated baffles to my CRK pipes and that took the sound down a bit.
  2. Tallpaul

    New era

    Well done guys, this looks brilliant at a quick, first look. Very slick, now to learn how to post pics........................
  3. You should find it OK with the new Hagons.
  4. Tallpaul

    CX500A Garage Find

    3 years on and there you are. Congratulaions on returning this bike to full use. I too have followed your build from day 1 and enjoyed reading about the work you had to do in getting the Cx finished. Well done.
  5. Tallpaul

    Fuel transfer pipe

    I visited my local sorting office and spoke to one of the "line manager/supervisors"regarding Dave's envelope to me. He raised a query while I waited. After telling me it definately wasn't there, it was! Lurking in a pigeonhole somewhere in the building................ Very happy outcome and thanks to Dave French. Dave sent two pipes, so if anyone needs one in the future, I'm your man!
  6. Tallpaul

    Fuel transfer pipe

    A very kind offer and thank you. There must be a used one somewhere!
  7. Tallpaul

    Fuel transfer pipe

    Nothing listed on Maggots and More. I will give him a call next week. Also checked CMSNL, part no longer available.
  8. Tallpaul

    Fuel transfer pipe

    Thanks Lance, will do!
  9. Tallpaul

    Fuel transfer pipe

    1980 CXA Has anybody got a fuel transfer pipe spare? It's the one that joins the two carbs and has a groove each end for an o ring. Dave French kindly sent me one, but the post office have lost the parcel.....................
  10. Tallpaul

    CX500A Garage Find

    Very nice. You've done a great job there, I love it.
  11. Tallpaul

    Shop purchase

    Thanks Marty, after a couple of days of being unable to get back to the forum, I have today paid for the seals and filters via Paypal. Thanks for your help on this.
  12. Tallpaul

    Xmas greetings.

    Have a great Christmas everyone. Lets hope 2018 brings peace and good health! Cheers!
  13. Tallpaul

    Xmas greetings.

    Have a great Christmas everyone. Lets hope 2018 brings peace and good health! Cheers!
  14. Tallpaul

    Shop purchase

    I just placed an order for 2 mechanical seals and a pack of oil filters, order number 401/1987 I tried to pay with paypal, but the option did not show itself on the page. Can this be rectified, or would the admin staff prefer a bank transfer? TIA
  15. Tallpaul


    100% with you on those comments Jeremy. If I want an instant answer, I use Facebook as it gets all round the world immediately. But as far as searching for posts, it's rubbish. I choose to use both as the need arises. However, facebook is getting a little bit too busy for my liking and interference in my private life is not something I am prepared to tolerate! Peace

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