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gunna trev

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  1. gunna trev

    Green cross

    Well i got a o trev no mates
  2. gunna trev

    bleeding brakes

    Got one from ebay it cost a £11.33 and it does seem to work time will tell
  3. gunna trev

    Stafford show

    Sorry mark someone said you left it on purpose to bin you took your other bags and left the tent
  4. gunna trev

    Stafford show

    Thats for sure mark i put your tent in the bin
  5. gunna trev

    Motorcycle Live Bermingham November ?

    The northern lads will be going but it will be a sat or sun traffic during week is hell
  6. gunna trev

    bleeding brakes

    Think i will try get one of them bleeding things at stafford
  7. gunna trev

    [FOR SALE]Bobba project ?

    Thats not a gl frame marty
  8. gunna trev

    Private members section gone

    When a unread post come up it is highlighted for non members it would not be but mine is and i can log in and out
  9. gunna trev

    Private members section gone

    it was on my phone now it's not and it's gone from my lap top seems it has been replaced by the rob davies section
  10. gunna trev

    Private members section gone

    For some reason it,s missing on my mobile ?
  11. gunna trev

    bleeding brakes

    i bleed the brake on my twin disc custom to day and boy was it easy in fact they nearly did them self i have used two pipes and a double banjo bolt i made sure the banjo was facing down opened the bleed screws and let gravity do its work while slowly pumping the brake lever till the little air bubbles stopped in the master cylinder then bleed has normal took all of ten minutes i think it does help if you don't push the pistons all the way back but just has far has you need to to get the caliper on to the disc
  12. gunna trev


    I am taking a black custom marty The pic is the one i sold they said i would reget it and
  13. gunna trev

    Easy Rider!!

    that brings back some memories and the engines don't look out of place them were the days when the ordinary man could not afford a harley
  14. gunna trev

    Help!! Parts Finder

    if you use the old cable has a has a template then decide how much longer or shorter it need to be then take it to stafford i am sure you will match it with a new one or secondhand one venhills will be there

About gunna trev


The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.