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  1. Marty

    Stafford show

  2. Marty

    New Member from Bradford

    Geoff, next time you all meet up please give Barry our best wishes.
  3. Marty

    Green cross

    Its your credit rating Tel !!! 😁 seriously I have no idea but I'll ask next time I'm talking to the web people.
  4. Marty

    New Member

    Good question Pete.
  5. Marty

    Bikes of Scottish Members

    Well done Mark. Thanks for doing this. It just helps to open up interest in the site and you can also put down any events you read or hear about in Highlands and Islands.
  6. Marty


    There's BrendonO and Victor to begin with.
  7. Marty

    650 euro brakes

    Mark, if you can put some pics on the forum of what youre after ( there are several different types ) I can rummage through the calipers we have and maybe help you.
  8. Well done Mark. Why dont you and Lawrie post some pics on the Scottish section's own little web space. As area rep , you have the admin rights to do that. Some of the other regions have started this process and are building up a galley of their area.
  9. Thanks Monty. I'll see if we can get vids put on the site in that case. Will have to return your money for the cloth patch as I am rushing round with other club stuff and am struggling. If you can get a person to run the shop we could make more of it. 😊
  10. Marty

    Stafford show

    Was that a tent Trev? I thought you were chucking away an old dish cloth. 😁
  11. Marty

    Bike wanted for low money

    Mark, you might want to rejig that last thread. It makes little sense (to me anyway) M
  12. Marty

    CX 500 T- Shirts.

    The club does it's own official Tee shirts and has all large sizes for £10 plus postage. Caps are being drawn up as we speak (not enough hours in the day. ) Marty
  13. Marty

    New Member

    Rob, mines a 78 Z model with the breather between the heads as Andy explained. Don't know why Honda felt it necessary to put that horrible contraption for breathing where they did other than there was an easy hole to use already there. Anyway, don't feel daft about your new found fun, we're all doing the same and have silly grins on our faces when either riding them or working on them.
  14. Marty

    Forum activity

    It's really good to see how much more active the club site is again which I can only assume is because of the easier and more versatile new web site. I'm glad to hear / read people are plugging away at learning about its extra facilities and features. It's really no good fighting this brave new world we're all living in, we have to try and rub along with it. Having said that, if there are things you can't work out or don't seem right to You, please drop me a line because you might not be the only one. Marty
  15. Marty

    GL / CX650 Parts

    Hi Pete, hope these make a few bob for you. Can I suggest you put these on our "Classifieds" section where they'll stay in members view and not disappear after they've read. If you've got the inclination you might put some photos in as well.? Good luck

Recent Profile Visitors

137 profile views