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  1. Marty

    Bought from club no parts arrived yet

    I have been in contact with Craig and we're on the same page.
  2. Marty

    2019 North Devon Rally

    Put me down for the weekend please Gav. With a bit of luck we might even have a new tent for you ( Oooops - who said that ? 🤣) Marty
  3. Marty

    Northwest Evening meet up.

    And dont even think about introducing James Stuart the VI ( James the 1st) I love that period of history. Well - history in general. Thanks for the reminder of dates and background. Marty
  4. Marty

    Northwest Evening meet up.

    Well done Rob. At last the Red Rose is challenging the White Rose.......OMG what have I started ?????🤗
  5. Marty


    You're right Tel. They both look nice but the Yam has that extra stomp I'm thinking.
  6. Marty

    Off topic . Not CX related

    I used to work in the "back room" of my mates electric bicycle shop. The first thing to say is that the law in the UK states that you are not allowed to have a twist and go electrc push bike anymore ( outlawed) but if you know where to look its a very simple job to plug back a white wire into the Controller and re-instate it. These bikes are obvously made the "Pan-World wide" market so everythng is there but adapted for various markets. The second is, bicycle shops will advertise that they have manufacturers "Dongles" to take the bike up from the legal top steed of 25kph to crazy speeds, but of course the potential unlimited speed depends on what wattage battery and motor the bike has. Those dongles are illegal in the uk. Finally, the level of intelligence the bike has depends on the price you pay for it. The cheaper bikes have a simple swtich on the pedal crank which knows when you're pushng on the pedals. It then switches on the circuit to the motor and away it goes until you stop putting pressure on them or you reach 25kph. The level of motor assistance you get is determined by (usually) 3 choices on the left handle bar grip. Low. Medium and high. On the more expensive ones ( KTM etc) you get a system that can tell how much pressure you're applying to the pedals and give you proportional assistance to that pressure. Final bit of info, cheapo electric bicyles have a motor laced into the front wheel hub so you get pulled along when it kicks in. So you pedal the back wheel and the front wheel pulls you as well. Some have this via the back wheel instead so you pedal the back wheel then the motor in the rear hub takes over and pushes you along. The top end ones actually have the motor in the pedal crank so when you push on the pedals the motor takes over the pedals and drives the rear wheel through the bikes normal chain. It mimicks what you're doing i.e. pulling the top of the drive chain to turn the rear wheel. I guarantee you'll be imppressed if you took one out for a ride BUT you wont be imressed with the price !
  7. Marty

    Fruitful trip

    Thanks Mike, it was a pleasure watching you drink all the Stella !! 🤪 Seriously, I'm glad those parts have gone to a good home and been saved from the skip. Marty
  8. Marty

    Oil jet under pistons

    Solved? Please explain the conclusion to a simpleton like me. That clutch cover pipe has a banjo on the end which normally retains an oil jet? That oil jet squirts oil across the top of the gears in the gear box ? It had dislodged itself and been squashed under the piston and against the crank case?
  9. Marty

    CX650E Rear wheel Bearing Retainer

    Try "maggots and more" on line. They'll have one.
  10. Marty

    DGR Ottawa

    Keith, I notice you have the "extended" hump frame fitted to your Silver Wing to allow you to have a pillion and keep it on the bike. I've got one of those ( from Gunner Trev) and have yet to find how to fit it. Hope to meet you next year sometime. If youre here in October you could help us "man" the Staffird show stand.!!!! M
  11. Marty

    Stafford brass plates

    I'm in need of those little brass plates that the show stand attendees get given at Stafford. Ive got my one from this year but I need another 5. Have you attended the Stafford show on behalf of the club and if so have you still got your brass plate ? If you have and dont mind donating it for the good of the club, please let me know. Marty
  12. Marty

    New big-end shells for CX650E

    That's true Trev but experience has shown us since those days that the minute differences between them all meant that you could actually use any of them and you'd be fine (on the 500's anyeay).

Recent Profile Visitors

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