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    Electrical connectors

    I get all my connectors for making looms from Kojaycat. They have the ones you want, but might not be red. I have had to use white ones and wrap them with red tape or red heatshrink tubing.

    Southwest gang doing their thing

    P.S. I lied about the bikes

    Southwest gang doing their thing

    Nice to see so many turn up. Good pub, nice lunch, and a chance to have a chat and catch up. I couldn't believe everybody turned up on bikes despite the weather.


    Lawrie, I think those are a bit posher than mine There are some like mine for £40 on ebay, and just noticed someone selling frames and a rack for £30. Brendon, I know what you mean, mine are not worth a lot. I think they are K1s. They used to be on the metal Hepco and Becker frames, then I had them on plastic Krauser frames until I got some bigger Krauser panniers that I still use. I think I'm hoping for about £30 for the hard cases, and £20 for the throwovers, plus any postage costs, that sort of area.


    I've got a pair of old Krauser panniers with keys, (no rack to put them on though), and a pair of throwovers. They probably look better in the pictures than they are. A bit dusty from sitting in the shed. No idea what they are worth, but I urgently need to get some cash in. Bear in mind they will probably cost a tenner or so to post, and make me an offer. If you don't want them, but can suggest what they are worth that would help.

    GL500 loom identification

    This is an 82 Gl500 harness. Any help?

    650 euro brakes

    I have three calipers here. Bought for a project that never materialised. I can't remember what they were originally off of, and can't remember what I paid for them. Open to offers (+postage).
  8. Thanks for that. One of them sold today to a club member, need to get my finger out and make another one now Cheers.
  9. If your bike is playing silly buggers with electrical faults, it could be that the wire is worn out and breaking down, especially where it bends around the headstock. Also, the chances are it may have been butchered over the years. This is 30 year old wire, black and corroded with brittle cracking insulation. Compared to the new stuff that has higher current capacity, and is thinner but with better insulation. This is where a new loom starts. Armed with cables, connectors, a big diagram, a book full of notes and a template. .....and finally the finished article. Wrapped in loom tape, reinforced and double wrapped around headstock area. Apart from some of the connector shells being the wrong colour, until I can source some new ones, it is ready to go, and hopefully last another 30 years! As mentioned in a previous post, I have enough materials to make three in total. Selling at cost price to raise some cash as I've lost my job. Bargain for £100. When they've gone that will be it until I can afford to restock, then they will be back at the proper price of £180. I can also make and repair other looms, and rewire handlebar switch units. Finished and posted......................
  10. GRAHAM

    Wiring harness - Is there a market?

    I've sent you a pm.
  11. GRAHAM

    Lost it

    I can't see it either. It was there the other day, now it's gone. Tried signing out and back in again. Still not there.
  12. GRAHAM

    Wiring harness - Is there a market?

    Cheers Eric, I'm trying to get my name out there, but it isn't easy. Since my contract ended in May I've only had about seven weeks work. I'm applying for jobs left right and centre, but no luck. Can't even get any benefits due to a period where I missed paying some national insurance contributions. Things are getting desperate.
  13. GRAHAM

    ZAB Wiring looms

    I didn't realise that I hadn't put a price. Thanks for pointing that out, I can do them at £100 each until the stock of cable and connectors runs out.
  14. GRAHAM

    ZAB Wiring looms

    Thanks guys, Hopefully something will turn up.
  15. GRAHAM

    ZAB Wiring Looms

    I have posted the following in the for sale section. If interested please pm me from there. Due to the dire situation I have found myself in, I am prepared to sell some ZAB wiring looms cheap. I usually sell these in the region of £180. But I need some cash fast, and am selling for the price of materials and postage. I will make as many as I can to use up my stocks of cable and connectors, just to get some money back. I have enough to make 3 maybe 4 looms. First come first served.

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