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  1. Pete g, have sent you a pm.

  2. until
    "The Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show" Carole Nash International Classic Motorcycle Show features over 900 traders, dealers and autojumble stands offering a wealth of parts and spares for every project. It includes a host of excellent club stands, exciting live action, the Bonhams autumn sale, classic off-road machines and special guest stars from iconic eras of motorcycling.
  3. PeteG_CX500

    VJMC Bhurtpore Classic Bike Show 2019.

    Weather not looking great for the weekend, but if you are at a loose end on Sunday head down or up to Northwich area to the VJMC Bhurtpore Classic Bike Show 2019. Been a couple of times gets better each year. Although the weather forecast could put people of this year Wrenbury Rd, Aston, Nantwich CW5 8DQ
  4. hi Peter and hows things with you today. so where is the annual rally being held this year .iv just joined up but I need to pay membership and I would like to come along to the annual meeting. kind regards samuel 

    1. John Mac

      John Mac

      Good to see you on the site Samuel, I'll contact you later via the details you gave me. However you should be able to sign up as a full member (VIP member) by following the Links on the home page Cheers John

  5. Hi pete,

    I just purchased a CX500 (1981 B) last week and noticed when checking the bike over both front brake pad springs were missing. I saw in a previous forum post from last year that you had some spare. If this is still the case may I buy x 2 from you please. As this is a safety issue until I find these spring I will not ride the bike. I have looked all over the internet with no luck. I hope you can help me.



    1. Andrew B

      Andrew B

      There’s a funny glitch in the forum tonight but what I logged in to say was - Mark, it’s not a good idea to put your email and phone number in a post . They will be harvested and you’ll be inundated with idiots.

      otherwise welcome to the madness

  6. PeteG_CX500


    Hi Rob, I am in Manchester I would certainly be up for a meet up, although due to family issues my time is very limited at the moment.
  7. until
    Gates open 9am - 5pm each day Admission £5.00 under 12's free http://www.1000engines.co.uk/
  8. PeteG_CX500

    Honda CB750 K2

    Cracking bike! Whoever said you had more time when you retired was lying LOL
  9. PeteG_CX500


  10. PeteG_CX500

    Stafford Classic Bike Show

    The 25th Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show

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The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.