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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  4. PeteG_CX500

    VJMC Bhurtpore Classic Bike Show 2019.

    Weather not looking great for the weekend, but if you are at a loose end on Sunday head down or up to Northwich area to the VJMC Bhurtpore Classic Bike Show 2019. Been a couple of times gets better each year. Although the weather forecast could put people of this year Wrenbury Rd, Aston, Nantwich CW5 8DQ
  5. b4ndit


    Frame back from the blasters next step powder coaters
  6. Andrew B

    Mike Kelly 650 custom.jpeg

    I was looking at the grass actually 😁
  7. ericry

    Mike Kelly 650 custom.jpeg

    Sunset Orange !!!
  8. Andrew B

    Mike Kelly 650 custom.jpeg

    That's a nice colour Eric 😉😉
  9. Hello folks new member looking for a black original CX500 Eurosport 1982/3 vintage - just like I used to own way back with fond memories. Contact me at bradgarcia@live.co.uk . 



  10. Hi All

    was talking to a member on another web site, a suggestion was made to join this site as I have a couple of CX500’s so here I am, thanks for letting me come in :)

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    2. Mark64maggot


      Hi JDub

      Sorry for the late reply!, I’m not to clever with these websites for not just seen your reply?.

      will try to suss out how to insert photos!, bare with me!...

      How long have you owned the B-model?, is it your first CX?.



    3. JDub


      No problem, first CX and i've had it 3 years now - and been to France on it twice with the missus, Normandy last year and la Rochelle last month. Great experience but not sure where to go next year.


    4. Mark64maggot


      I guess you don’t mind putting the mileage on your machine then?, I know they do munch good miles but have resisted to enjoy them to much as I didn’t want mine to just become “another” cx500!...

      i know people will say that’s madness but I have enjoyed just owning them over the years & brought other bikes for general sunny day use!, I also worry about certain part supply or should I say lack of availability of a part I may need!!..

      your bike looks in very good condition too So keep enjoying anyways.



  11. Available only for persons living outside the UK or Ireland

    associate circle.jpg

    £0.00 Excludes postage

  12. Anyone fancy meeting up? Checkered Flag maybe or Torrington area? Post up your ideas here, dates and times.
  13. BrendanO

    Old Job Advert

    This appeared in the bike press maybe mid-80s with the slogan (approx) "Score 2 out of 3 and you could be working for us." I can't remember the name of the despatch company. It's been on the wall in my garage for a number of years and makes me smile.
  14. Hi mate could you PM your number as my phone broke so I dont have it now

  15. Knowles01


    Hi Rob, yes I used as many of those roads as poss. Great weather and not too busy, I believe it will be a bit crazy this week. Are you about in the week or just weekends? I Iive 2 mins from j&s so your more than welcome to come here if you wish. Tea is far cheaper. lol
  16. F.W.R


    Hi Alan, Did you take the B3306 from St Ives to Lands End, a fantastic road for bikes with amazing views? I Really like those smaller 4 cyl Hondas compact and just look right the 400/4 was always one of my favourites. If you fancy a cuppa at J&S anytime let me know. Rob.
  17. Knowles01


    hi Rob, I went last Fri and came back Thu. Cut it short as I had to get back. I also have a 1975 Honda CB550 f. U S import which won some awards with the vjmcc by the previous owner. Had them both 4 yrs. Alan
  18. F.W.R


    Sounds like a fantastic trip, how many days was that over? do you have any other bikes or is it just the CX500?
  19. Knowles01


    Hi Rob, sounds ok to me. Just come back from a trip down the Cornish coast to lands end then followed it round Into devon a n d dorset then back through the welsh borders. Great weather and trip. CX was faultless except I think it now needs a bit of a tune up, running a bit rough.
  20. F.W.R


    Hi and welcome to the club, now the better weather is here will have to see if we can get the North West local group together for a drink and chat one evening. Please do post any photos of the bike others will be interested in your project. Regards Rob.
  21. b4ndit


    Hi all i live i Chester and have just bought a gl650 needs work so will be working on it over the coming months
  22. Geoff

    Squires Monthly Meet Up

    Here in the North East we have a monthly meet up for some good old bike chat and a break from the chores. The meet is usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7.30pm, but the date can vary. We meet at the famous Squires biker café near Sherburn in Elmet, which can be found on the B1222 at Newthorpe, North Yorkshire, just off Junction 42 of the A1(M), postcode LS25 5LX. Everyone welcome
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