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I Used To Have One Of Those


Making a ZAB wiring loom.

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If your bike is playing silly buggers with electrical faults, it could be that the wire is worn out and breaking down, especially where it bends around the headstock.

Also, the chances are it may have been butchered over the years.

This is 30 year old wire, black and corroded with brittle cracking insulation. Compared to the new stuff that has higher current capacity, and is thinner but with better insulation.


This is where a new loom starts. Armed with cables, connectors, a big diagram, a book full of notes and a template.







.....and finally the finished article. Wrapped in loom tape, reinforced and double wrapped around headstock area.

Apart from some of the connector shells being the wrong colour, until I can source some new ones, it is ready to go, and hopefully last another 30 years!


As mentioned in a previous post, I have enough materials to make three in total. Selling at cost price to raise some cash as I've lost my job.

Bargain for £100. When they've gone that will be it until I can afford to restock, then they will be back at the proper price of £180.


I can also make and repair other looms, and rewire handlebar switch units.



Finished and posted......................1385269866_Finishedloom.thumb.jpg.4314561a4f6b624f7630f4ca0d0b872c.jpg


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3 hours ago, Ol Turbs said:

Wish you all the best Graham and if I hear of anyone in need I will put them in touch 

Thanks for that. One of them sold today to a club member, need to get my finger out and make another one now :)


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That’s great news Graham ! Onwards and upwards and when you can get your advert in classic bike mag and classic bike mechanics 

it will pay dividends 

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Good news that you sold one Graham. I am about to buy another cx project from the club. I will most probably be needing a loom at some point but dont quite know what I need yet as its a custom frame with a ti GL500 engine. Hopefully chat with you on saturday at the meet 😁

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