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I Used To Have One Of Those

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Andrew B

Testing testing...pictures ?

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Great to see the freedom we're now finding ourselves with. I too posted a pic on the "Events" page for next June - how easy was that ? 

I'm away for 10 days from tonight but when I get back I'll be seeing the web people about a few tweaks that are inevitably needed, such as moving the area reps from the Senior Manager bit etc.  Yes we used your bike Pete and very many thanks to all the others who sent in their pics too but like the Countryfile Christmas Calander, we cant use them all. In case anyone is thinking it, neither of  those two other bikes ( the Silver Wing and 500 Z ) are mine and neither did I ask them to be used.

Its now just a case of continuing to familiarise ourselves with the new layout but believe me its all in there somewhere. Its like going form a Morris Minor to a a Rolls Royce. 

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11 hours ago, Irideforlife said:

Hi. Can you change the message regarding log on. It says if you was and it should read if you were. 

Sorry. It's my ocd

Phew - not just me it was bugging then !😁

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