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I Used To Have One Of Those

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the one thing i don't like on the custom is the single disc well after hours on the internet i think i have found a way to upgrade it to twin keeping the original look i don't know if it will work till the parts come but in theory it should if it works i will post details on here so others can improve there brakes

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what i have in mind mike should not make a great difference to the braking force it should improve it a bit but in my view the twin disc looks better than a single.

my idle bike would be silencer both sides shaft drive water cooled alloy wheels twin disc and forward controls so if it works i'm nearly there


ps have you ever had or seen the forward controls made in germany mike

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some of the parts came today and after a bit of comparing i am 99.9% certain it will work i hoping i will have one done for the stafford show parts you need are few

gl650 wheel and discs

early vt700 0r vt750 fork bottoms [they look like a 650 custom] ithink 83 to 85 and brake calipers to match

they use the same stanchions wheel spacer and fork brace has the 650 custom

then hoses and master cylinder to match the after market one d/s sells for the gl650 would be a good match

and its done


the vt and gl discs are the same but be aware that the gl wheel could have 1 of two length disc bolts some use 8x 33mm others 8x59mm

pps you also need mudguard from the vt has the custom or gl does not fit

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been in the shed today and fitted the forks wheel discs and calipers all fit like a glove now need a vt mud guard has the mounting points are different than the custom

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