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I Used To Have One Of Those


GL / CX 650 Bits

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Hi I am having a much needed clear out. I have many bits for sale, please contact me if interested in anything:

- Gl650 / 500 Luggage Rails (good condition, nice chrome)

- CX / GL 650 Engine block - It will definitely go again. I also have a crank, cam, Clutch, Head (less valves), rods and pistons and various other parts for this engine. I think it would all go again and I'd rather sell it as a lot if possible, but I will sell separately if required

- GL650 / 500 Rear cowl (Good condition, no real scratching)

- CX500C headlight bowl (serviceable, waxoyled inside and would look presentable on the bike...some small blemishes)

- GL650 / 500 Indicators (Nice condition and chrome is nice)

- GL650 / 500 Tank, mount is a bit corroded but tank is nice inside and would work

- GL650 / 500 Fairing, needs a few bits touching up but will work with a few repairs

- GL650 / 500 Windscreen bezel panel, made from brushed stainless, really nice custom part which must have cost some money originally to make...looks smart

- GL650 / 500 Side panels - In various states, contact for more info

- GL500 / GL650 - Fairing frame (Rough, needs painting but will work)

- GL500 / GL650 Fairing lowers (made by club member I believe?!)

- GL500 / GL650 Radiator side fairings - Pretty good condition with small parts cut for the engine crash bars

- Early CX500C / GL400 Rear light bracket and light (Indicators mounts on Light bracket) - Rechromed and the light is nigh on perfect, really nice condition

- Early CX500C / GL400 Grab Rail, really nice condition and chrome very good


I Have various other bits so if you need anything ask and I'll have a stare

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