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I Used To Have One Of Those


1983 (1984 REGD) Honda GL700 Wing Interstate

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Hi there all

I am looking to sell my 1984 (1983 Build) GL700 Wing interstate.

Reason for sale is that as some of you may know I'm not very well and she just isn't getting used and I could use the money. If things were easier i would more than happily keep her for years to come. I'd rather sell her to a club member than a foaming at the mouth gas axe wielder so am always open to talking to anyone enthusiastic. Those of you familiar with these will know that the GL700s are a Japanese home market only limited edition run of 800 version of the GL650 with only minor differences to this model. This bike is number 242 of that run. I think it was to get around some capacity regulation or other. As such the bike was imported from Japan in 2003 and put on the road in the uk in 2007 with a recorded KM of 13812 KM, at this time a convertor was fitted to the speedo and the annoying 80KMH light disconnected and the bike now shows a mileage of 21789. Converting the original KM into miles means that this bike has ONLY covered 16559 Miles from new.

The bike has mot until September the 18th 2018 and is ready to go with much recent work done over the past few months.


The condition of the thing really has to be seen to be appreciated with the frame being the best original CX frame with original paint that I've ever seen. Elsewhere most of the bike has original finishes and seems to have really lead a charmed life. Forks, prolink and engine alike are really good, quiet and do what they should and are more or less spotless.

THE ORIGINAL 700cc sticker over the 672CC casting is still in place as is the limited plate on the rhs of the bottom frame.

The carbs even had the original dab of yellow paint from factory synchronisation when I cleaned and balanced them.

The bodywork is in great condition, the only area that you may or my not wish to give attention is the front fairing. It has chemical fade to a light silver colour on the right side and top, as does any other GL700 I've ever seen in wineberry. I quite like it so I've never bothered to do it but others may not so with this in mind I may list again later with this resprayed.

The bike comes with a set of recently resprayed original panniers, a trunk which was repaired and resprayed wineberry (fits where the rear seat goes) and of course the original GL700 pattern rear seat.

The bike also has a cut down screen fitted for airflow but does come with an original non blemished screen in good condition.

Me and dad rescued the bike from a Garage where it had been sitting in 2009 and it was all dusty and dirty. Once dad had cleaned it he realised he'd bought an amazing bike and set about recomissioning it. The old chap that owned it previously didn't want to sell her but had to because he had given up biking.

He stated that he had recently had the prolink overhauled which I believe to be true as there is no play whatsoever and when I recently removed it to regrease everything was in wonderful condition.

It comes with 2 sets of keys.


There's a wadge of many and various invoices and Mots etc to confirm mileage and maintenance has been done. If anything she has been over maintained for the mileages done.


In 2012 dad had a new camchain and tensioner fitted along with the stator rewound by westcountry windings, all new gaskets on the rear case including mechanical oil and water seals and a few various other jobs done. He also refurbished the brake master cylinder and did a fair few odds and sods here and there. Only 4k has been done since these jobs were done.

I've also recently changed the mechanical water and oil seal (due to sitting), fitted a new thermo fan switch (borg warner TFS500) which cuts in at a lower temperature than the original to keep her cool and I've fitted a fan override in the fairing. While the bike was apart all components were inspected and re-assembled with Honda original gaskets and seals. Everything was in wonderful condition. I also stripped and cleaned / balanced the carbs and done the starter mod so even from warm she turns over and starts much better than usual for one of these bikes which has not had the modification done. Starter clutch all checked and is absolutely fine.


There are probably some bits I've forgotten but suffices to say I'd rather she went to a club member because it really is a special bike and I'd hate to see it go to some hack or butcher.


As with all things being hyper critical there are a few things you may or may not wish to sort:

- The front fairing is a bit faded to silver.....I like it, you may not

- There is a radio and speakers fitted but they have never been connected in my ownership....I can't think of anything worse than a grown man riding down the street nursing some awful mid 70s generic rock sporting an array of lights..........you may like such things in which case be my guest.

- Hondaline bars have been painted on the inside it looks like to protect them.....I'd rechrome eventually.








Anyway, if you have any questions let me know...I'll post a couple of pictures below and I'm more than happy to email any you should want.

The price will be somewhere in the region of £2500 but this is negotiable dependent on whether you want the spares we have or not and for the right home. Also if you are interested in talking on the price drop me a line.

My no is 07954137724

All the best


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