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I Used To Have One Of Those

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No its my wife

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Two newly wed guys talking about their partners, one says every time we make love she insists the lights must not be on.The second guy says maybe she is shy,

The first guy says no its not that she just don't like me enjoying myself.

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Guest Marty

Ho Ho.


Here's one for you Del.

A new father was waiting in the hospital lounge and happened to be sitting next to a bloke who's wife was having their sixth child. The new father said to the nonchalant old hand next to him "I hope you don't mind me asking, but how long is it usually before my wife and I can resume our conjugal rights again ? The older father said "Well that all depends". "On what ?" said the new dad. " On whether its a private or public ward " said the old boy with a smile.

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