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be strong


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A guy wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. He slips out of bed, not waking the wife. He goes down stairs to make a sandwich. When he clicks on the light, there's a guy standing in the middle of the kitchen with a gun. "I just escaped from prison, 15 years of a 40 year sentence, I'm desperate, don't do anything stupid and no one gets hurt! Who else is in the house?" "Just my wife, asleep upstairs." "Take me up there." When they get upstairs he ties the homeowner in a chair. Next he jumps on the guys wife, ties her to the bed and starts kissing her on her neck. Then out of the blue he jumps up and goes into the bathroom. The guy whispers "Honey, he's an escaped convict, I saw him kissing on your neck, he'll want to have sex with you. Take your mind to another place and let him have his way or he'll  kill us both.  Be strong Honey, I love you!!" The wife whispers back "He wasn't kissing my neck he was whispering to me. He said he's gay, says you're cute and where do I keep the Vaseline. I said in the bathroom. Be strong Honey, take your mind to another place, I love you too!!"  

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