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Man Utd on song


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Guest dave turbo g

Well 7th position is rubbish, but only by United's high standards

Everyone said it was the end when City took the title on goal average 2 yrs ago, but United came back to win it by 11 points clear.

So, Moyes took on a Championship winning side

But that side relied on Giggs & Scoles in there last year

Changing a winning backroom staff as not helped

United are in transition, so this year if 7th is the best shoot so be it, remember Liverpool finish 8th last year, & if Arsenal win anything they will have to buy a Trophy Cabinet, but i am sure i saw Liverpool's on Antique Roadshow the other day.


United fan for over 50yrs, even when we were in Div 2


First time United have been outside the top 3, since 1992, i can live with that

Best Premiership i have seen in years, great football & strange results.

Hate to say it but i think City will pip Chelsea this year




1997–98 1 4 3 2

2001–02 1 6 2 3

2003–04 1 2 4 3

1998–99 2 3 7 1

1999–2000 2 5 4 1

2000–01 2 6 3 1

2002–03 2 4 5 1

2004–05 2 1 5 3

1996–97 3 6 4 1

2007–08 3 2 4 1

2009–10 3 1 7 2

2011–12 3 6 8 2

1993–94 4 14 8 1

2005–06 4 1 3 2

2006–07 4 2 3 1

2008–09 4 3 2 1

2010–11 4 2 6 1

2012–13 4 3 7 1

1995–96 5 11 3 1

1992–93 10 11 6 1

1994–95 12 11 4 2

Top four

finishes 18 12 12 21

out of 21

Key: Champions

2nd, 3rd or 4th place

5th or below



Dave G

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Phil means the Eurovision Song Contest !!! The clue was in writing the song .. Agree about United's bad performance , Fergie must be choked about results , but secretly patting himself on the back and thinking " no one can follow me "..

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When you have to rely on two old guys like that then the writing is on the wall - they might be good but they're not good for a team - giving the wrong message to the young lads, he'd be better off playing good 16 year olds than those two, at least there would be a future in them !


They need to go buy a few new players...too stale !




PS. I dont follow any soccer team !

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Guest dave turbo g

Tel, the comment has been on Eurosport for a while, and the one where Moyes hails a Taxi back to Goodison Park


The stick were getting was long due

Fergie won't be happy as he had a say in his successor, but he had it hard at first

People calling for his head so early didn't help

All the Clubs have had bad games, not like when Chelsea would not loose a game all season.

But it's make it great to watch, i'am loving it, great game from top to bottom.


Most other fans want Moyes to stay for 10 years as long as the results stay the same


Dave G

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Guest dave turbo g

Good one Colin, the way it's going you could well do

I watch every game i can Colin & yes they deserved that win & caught a few other games i enjoyed.


No point saying Moyes out if you can't name an available replacement.

No one could fill Fergie's boots & a lot wouldn't have the guts to try.

But it makes for a great season all round.


Dave G

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Roy Keane - he's as stubborn as Fergie !!




He may have been stubborn, but he did his job & did it very well.

Utd have had some great players over the years & hopefully they will get back on track sooner than later,

no guessing who I would like to see on top

City have some brilliant players at the min & with the money they have spent they would need to produce.

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Guest dave turbo g

All the Premier Managers are on Million pound contracts

Get the push from 3 Clubs & the pay offs would be like winning the Lotto, they just can't go wrong.


Dave G

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Brendon Rogers super hero everyone was saying Brendon who, he has been around along time learning his trade now he is working his magic

ride safe Rod

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