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Guest dave turbo g

Is it true that you can tell Harley riders by the flies on the back of there helmets



I was on a site where the Sparky, a Suzuki R1 rider, was talking to the Chippy, Harley 1200,& mentioned he was going to Paignton Bike Night, so they decided to meet up & ride together.

Next day asked the Sparks how it went, "Never again, didn't get out of 2nd gear"


Dave G

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My electra glide still goes faster than my brain works, must be senility setting in


Its time to get a Harley when you start to think 'how the fook did I get here'



and I keep trying to talk to people on the onboard CB radio . But nobody answers Ignorant sods



I think I'll go for my afternoon nap

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