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The Italian Wedding test.


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The Italian Wedding Test.


I’m a very lucky man. I’ve been dating a wonderful Italian girl for about a year and we have decided to get married. Just one fly in the ointment........ her sister! She is a very beautiful, 22 year old with a fantastic figure. She wears very tight mini skirts and goes bra less and is always bending down in front of me showing her fantastic boobs. She dosn’t do this to anyone else so I presume it’s only for my benefit. Last week she rang and asked me to come over to her house to help her move some furniture so I made my way over. On arrival she greeted me with a glint in her eyes that was unmistakable and offered me a drink. We sat on the couch and she displayed her wonderful legs beneath her mini skirt. She moved closer and whispered in my ear " How would you like one last fling before you tie the knot? I’ll be upstairs when you’re ready but don’t be long." With that she climbed the stairs and looked back at me with a seductive smile. I was frozen to the spot and wildly aroused but very worried. I raced to the door and went towards my car and got the shock of my life when I saw all of her relatives outside with her father! He ran towards me with a beaming smile , threw his arms around me and said "Well done my son. You have passed the Wedding test. Welcome to the family!" With that all the relatives burst into a round of applause.


The moral of this story is........................


Always leave your condoms in your car!!!

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