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A guy walks into a country pub. There's nobody else in the pub except an old man who's sitting next to the dart board. After ten minutes of no-one saying anything the guy asks the old man if he'd like a game of darts. The old fella replies "but I've never thrown darts at a board before". The guy says "don't worry I'm not much of a player either just fancy a game that's all". The old man says "OK I'll give it a go". They agree that it's going to be 501. The guy goes first and scores 26. Next the old man throws and scores 180. The guy then throws 41. The old guy gets another 180. The guy says "now hold on you said you'd never thrown darts before". The old guy says "no, I said I hadn't thrown darts at a dart board before". The guy says to the old man "at what else would anyone throw darts?" The old guy explains that when he sits in his armchair watching telly he keeps a set of darts on the arm of his armchair and if any flies walk across the wallpaper he kills them. "Bloody hell" says the guy "your wallpaper must be covered in flies blood". The old fella says "no I hit them on their legs!"


With acknowledgements to Frank Carson.....

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