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A Scouse, An Australian and an Irishman are having a drink in a Bar and they notice a Bearded man in the corner. Paddy says that looks like Jesus and sure enough it is. They send him over a Pint of Bitter, a Pint of Guinness and a Fosters Lager. Jesus smile a Thank You and when he has drunk the three Pints comes over to the Lads. He thanks the Irishman and shakes his Hand. Bejabers, says Paddy My Arthritis in my hand has gone after 30 years. Jesus pats the Aussie on the shoulder and says Thank you for the Lager. Immediately the Aussie stands up, My back pain that i seem to have had for ever has gone, its a miracle. Jesus then turns to the Scouse to thank him for the Pint of Bitter but the Lad knocks over the chair and table to get away. Don’t’ touch me, i am on Disability Allowance

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