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Just a funny story based on real events


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An old friend who once held a rather Senior ground management postion for a large 'national' carrier which liked 'to fly to serve' recieved a letter (many years ago) from a rather irate Amercican lady who had transited through his airport some weeks earlier.


Content of the letter went something like this: (names of airports and individuals have been changed to protect their anonymity!)


To The Manager


Dear Sir,


I arrived in Glasgow on the evening of the 20th December 19XX onboard the Northwest Airlines flight from Boston on my way to visit my sister at her home in Stornaway for Christmas. Upon landing we were ushered onto a coach which was parked alongside our aeroplane (long forgotten term once used to describe things with wings that fly!). It was very dark, cold, wet and windy and I walk with the aid of a stick I was not at all happy that we had to walk some distance to board the coach. After what seemed a very long wait the conductoress (another quaint old name) closed the door and we began to move.

What happened next almost caused me to lose control of my bowels (old lady reference to sh***** ones pants). you can imagine my utter shock and bewilderment when our small coach lept into the air and the driver introduced himself as Captain Speaking here!


She went on to demand an explanation and apology for the stress she suffered. Seems she thought the Shorts 360 she had been transferred to was a coach that would transfer her to another widebody for the final part of her trip. little did she know when it (her coach) moved off it was actually taxying to the end of the runway!


Poor old soul, bless

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