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A man was sitting in front of the tv reading; his wife came in with a large frying pan and smashed it across his ear. “What the **** was that for ?” he asked. “This” she said, producing a piece of paper with ‘Mary Rose, 143010 2 2.’ on it “It was in your pocket !” “Stupid woman” he said. “I was in a bar and, a friend gave me the name of a horse that was a sure thing and the time of the race and the odds.” “Oh darling !, I’m so sorry” she said and, proceeded to make the rest of his evening one to remember. A week later he was again sitting in front of the tv, half reading the paper, half watching the programme, when his wife entered with, this time, a frying pan in one hand and a saucepan in the other. She smashed both of them across his ears. About 20 minutes later, when he had recovered enough to speak he asked “What the ***** *** was that for ?” “Your horse phoned and said "Do you fancy a bit each way next Saturday afternoon"

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