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old codger

Guest FRAN C

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An 80 year old man walks into a jeweller shop with an absolutely stunning 20 year old blonde . He asks the jeweller for a "special ring" for the young lady.

Jeweller says here you go ,,,this one is €5000. ...No says the man i want a really "special ring", so the jeweller pulls out one from the safe and says "now sir , this one is €65000".

Thats the one the old dude says as the blondes eyes light up with excitement. I will write you a cheque and when the cheque clears on monday we will come and collect it.

Monday morning the jeweller phones the old man and says. " Sir there is no money in your account"

Sure i know that says the old dude, but can you imagine the feckin weekend I am after havin.

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