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Another croc joke

Guest Grainger

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Chap went into a pub and told everyone he's got the best-trained crocodile in the world. To prove it, he got the croc to put its head on a table and opened its mouth. The bloke unzipped, pulled out his todger and put it in the croc's mouth - the croc closed its mouth until its teeth were touching the guy's tackle.


"How's that?" he asked. No-one was impressed. So he picked up an empty pint glass and brought it down hard on the croc's head. Everyone gasped, but the croc didn't flinch, and the bloke still had all his bits.


"Anyone else brave enough to try that for 500 quid?" he asked. There were no takers until a blonde stepped forwards and said "OK, as long as you don't hit me with that glass!"

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