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The Plumber Calls


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A young blonde calls the Plumber. "Help, I've got a burst pipe in my bathroom and there's water everywhere!" The plumber says that he will be there in ten minutes and is bringing his new assistant.


When he arrives, he has a big dog with him. After a couple of minutes in the bathroom, he says to the dog "Rex, I need you to bring my adjustable wrench". The dog goes off and after rummaging around in the toolbox, comes back with the wrench. A few minutes later he says "Rex, I need you to get my 13mm open-ended spanner". The dog goes off and comes back with the 13mm spanner.


This goes on until the job is finished and the blonde says "I can't believe this. Your dog is amazing. He understands everything you say and gets all the right tools."


The plumber says "Oh, he's clever all right. He even knows how to make love to women, just like a man would."


She say "No way. That can't be true."


The plumber tells her to go to her bedroom, take off her clothes and get ready and he would how her how the dog performs. After a few minutes, he takes the dog up to her bedroom and say "Rex, I want you to make love to this woman." The dog doesn't move. He tells the dog again but it still doesn't move.


Finally he says to the dog ...........





"Right. That's it. This is the last time I'm going to show you how to do this."

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