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Guest FRAN C

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This is the true story of an old spinster post mistress that once held this post in my town some years ago.

She was always putting pieces of poetry to people as they came through the post office.

Some of these were pleasant & some hurtful, dependant on her attitude on the day.


Here are some examples of what she would say.........


Here comes the poacher Eric Stout

who never returns without a Trout,


Here's our Butcher of very fine Meat

good for bones & good for teeth,


Here is the Teacher Mrs. Fleming

Who teaches the children their spelling,


Then one day in walks paddy to get his pension,


Paddy she says when you die on your headstone will be written


Here lies the body of Paddy Brown

Who walks all day around the town

Never worked a day in all his life

Torments his kids & his wife.


To this Paddy replied.... on yours it will say


Here lies the body of old Miss Whitten

the joys of life her body has missing

Post misstress all her life

never to be anyones wife

to Thee Dear God she goes to you


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