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3 Challenges

Guest dave turbo g

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Guest dave turbo g

Dan walks into a Pub, on the bar is a large glass jar filled to the top with £10 notes :shock:

Dan "What's the money for"

Barman "It's the prize money + the keys to a new Lexus"

Dan "How do you win it"

Barman "You have to complete 3 Challenges"

Dan "What are they"

Barman "I can't tell you until you put in your £10"


Dan puts the tenner in :)


Barman "Your first challenge is to drink a bottle of Tequila without making a face.


Your second, In the backyard is a Pitbull with a tooth ache chained to the fence, you have to remove the tooth.


Your third challenge, Upstairs is an old lady who has never had sex, you have to make love to her.



Dan "I can't manage that", then sat in the corner & had a few more drinks.


After a while he decided to give it a go :o


He downed the Tequila without making a face :shock:


Then went outside to face the Dog


There was screaming & growling :shock:

He came back in, clothes ripped & covered in blood :x


Dan " Now where's the woman with a tooth ache :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



Dave G 8)

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