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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  1. Yesterday
  2. syd

    So good….

    rob strawbridge

    2 spring gardens

    dinas cross



    if you give me your address I can send you a note in the post  

    for the cost of sending it…


    1. LAWRIE


      Hi Syd the seal is on the way it was just the cost of a first class stamp so no need to worry about the cost. Seeing your address brought back fond memories of when I was based at HMS Goldcrest AKA Royal Naval Air Station, Brawdy. I was there in the early sixties and then Mid Sixties. Whenever I had a weekend leave I would go home to Oldham in Lancashire and go through Dinas Cross. Happy days. Good luck with the Mechanical seal.

    2. LAWRIE


      Sorry I should have said Hello Rob ( it's an age thing)

    3. syd


      Well if you need a trip to this area…….I am on the main road so easy to find.

      and have an empty house…..well in school term time anyway….with 3 spare bedrooms..

      You and your mates are welcome to visit….


      I am quite happy being called syd as it was my granddad s name and is my middle name.


  3. Earlier
  4. What area are you from John,



  5. Thought IO just did, WTF???

  6. Hi all,

    I'm in sunny St Helens, and have a recently acquired 1978 CX500, which am gradually adapting to suit modern road conditions, tyres as fitted were 15 years old rear, and either 24 or 34 years front (date coding changed in 2000, so can only judge to nearest 10 years), replaced with Avon Road Riders, don't know how they compare because I wasn't prepared to ride on the originals, but quite happy with the new Avons.

    The rear brake seemed to be quite effective, but thought it might be nice to have some front brakes, so replaced the 1989 dated brake hoses with stainless braided lines and replaced the original, badly pitted caliper pistons with stainless pistons and new seals. Replaced the front brake lever with a David Silver lever, because I didn't know what I'd find when stripping down the master cylinder, the reservoir of which was full of black crud. Result, the forks actually dip now when braking and the bike stops.

    Having stripped the original front brake lever, the internals look to be reasonable, although all rubber had perished, only to be expected after 42 years,  probably worth rebuilding if I can find an overhaul kit, just to keep the bike looking original.

    The speedometer says 49,950 miles, which I'm prepared to believe on what I have found so far, seems a tidy little machine.

    Anyway, a work in progress, which should keep me out of mischief as winter approaches.



  7. In East Lothian, Drift Cafe by Tantallon Castle is hipster and fancy, often busy, but with the best views in the world, I’m not surprised. Good coffee, cake and soup. if lucky enough to get inside table, notice how they are carefully arranged so no table totally blocks the view for others. also E Lothian, Glenkinchie Distillery is v pretty (thats why Diageo bought it, and I believe closed a better bit less-picturesque one), not been inside as on bike. Food truck outside tho!
  8. CX source coils gone, again. Wondering what to do next: rewind; ignitec, or San-Rae conversion?

  9. Hi All, Arrycx here .  Just to say a Big Hello to Everyone. Just Bought another Custom model, just Love Em.  Nice to be back in the ClubI should never have left. Thanks.

    1. Mike in France

      Mike in France

      Welcome back Arry. Are you going to make Stafford and say hello in person?

    2. Arrycx


      Sorry for the late reply Mike. Not this year I,m afraid. Rebuilding the bike at the moment but will go next year.

  10. Hi Mike, I've been trying to contact you but believe your not trading anymore. Could you give us a call when you can. Tks Alan.

    1. Wirral Mike

      Wirral Mike

      Hi Alan 

      What's your number


    2. Knowles01


      Sorry Mike,  07850 913806..

  11. If your still on the look out for the flatter earlier bars I have a pair available

    1. Alistair_L


      Do you have a pair of rear shocks for a Eurosport?


    2. wjvh


      Eurosport rear is a monoshock.

    3. Dave


      I have a pair of good used CX 500 Rear Shocks but not a Eurosport monoshock unit 

  12. I have been sorting out my sheds during furlow and have lots of CX GL parts for sale. 

  13. If that was you at Alton tonight, hi and welcome to the club

  14. CX 500 GL 1981 in Red for sale please email or PM me, TIA Howard Hughes

  15. Hi, does anybody know where i can get a speedo drive unit from. i have a whiring noise and the speedo is eratic. I presume its the drive unit

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    2. scott-lee


      got mine refurbished professionally, very cheap. i believe we put the guy in the recommended sellers section. should be under GL500 clock refurb, or something

    3. John


      Good morning guys,


      I'm new to this forum.

      I have not long purchased a cx and have lots of spares.






      Engine block

      And a thousand other bits and bobs.

      Please contact me on 07940366010 is you are looking for anything. 



      Regards John 

    4. Wirral Mike

      Wirral Mike

      Sounds more likely it's a fault with the clock or possibly the cable but most likely the clock

  16. I have just joined the group. I'm from Pontefract and have recently finished rebuilding my cx500, its taken 2 years to finish and i'm very happy with the result. Came back to biking 3 years ago after becomming a widowed fella. My first bike was a Honda xl185 in 1980, after 37 years ish i bought a new Z1000sx and have loved being back in the saddle ever since.

    1. John Mac

      John Mac

      Welcome to the club Martin, meet ups and rallies have been quiet during lockdown but hopefully we can start meeting up shortly. 

    2. Geoff


      Hi Martin, Just to make you aware we meet up at Squires on a regualr basis, if your on whatsapp we usually arange it through there 

  17. Welcome to the club Paul, That's a nice looking bike you have there.
  18. Once Squires Biker cafe reopens we will get back to the Monthly meetups
  19. Hi everybody, After my cx failing to start i have stripped down carburettors and replaced all jets and air cut off valves. It starts and runs great now but i cant get the tickover below 2000 revs. I have the correct distance gap on the throttle stop and i have screwed in the pilot jets and back two turns. Any ideas guys please

    1. terry bennett

      terry bennett

      forgot to mention its a 1980 500

  20. I’m back! 

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