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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  2. Welcome to the club Paul, That's a nice looking bike you have there.
  3. Once Squires Biker cafe reopens we will get back to the Monthly meetups
  4. Hi everybody, After my cx failing to start i have stripped down carburettors and replaced all jets and air cut off valves. It starts and runs great now but i cant get the tickover below 2000 revs. I have the correct distance gap on the throttle stop and i have screwed in the pilot jets and back two turns. Any ideas guys please

    1. terry bennett

      terry bennett

      forgot to mention its a 1980 500

  5. I’m back! 

  6. i had to screen shot this, first thing in the morning. i wasn't sure if it was a joke,to be honest. by the time i got to work, there were over 20 comments, ranging from disbelief, sarcasm,to outright rude. i thought mine was extremely restrained.......................
  7. We are not in complete lockdown yet in Scotland, but for how long?

  8. until
    Here in the North East we have a monthly meet up for some good old bike chat and a break from the chores. The meet is usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7.30pm, but the date can vary. We meet at the famous Squires biker café near Sherburn in Elmet, which can be found on the B1222 at Newthorpe, North Yorkshire, just off Junction 42 of the A1(M), postcode LS25 5LX. Everyone welcome
  9. yeah right...for your engine.....whatever.....
  10. Thanks Peter, the gaskets arrived today whilst I was still trying to work out how to send you 

    the money for them to your Paypal account. I know how to do a bank transfer if that helps if you send me your bank details or I can send you a cheque.

    1. BrendanO


      Hi Peter/Lawrie


      sorry to be a worrier, but that's a lot of personal data in one place - I hope no-one would take offence if I suggested it was deleted and you did this by PM instead?


      Alternatively, you could send the miney via my Bank of Nigeria account...





    2. Peter


      Thank Brendan, to be honest I don't know where the hell I'm posting, I thought it was a PM.

      With site appearing to be messed up I'm not getting the usual screens.


  11. Very good, seen that before ! Eric.
  12. Hi Peter thanks for your reply regarding the gaskets. I have tried the shop again but can't

    manage to get it to work. Can you please do it for me, I need 2. Thanks

    1. Peter


      Ok, the total cost, including postage, is £36.70.

      Because of the site problems I can't get at your address so if you let me have it I'll get them off to you.

      Pay the money into my PayPal account and I will credit it to the petty cash balance I hold.

      Account is [email protected]



    2. Peter


      Managed to get your address. Gaskets in the post 1st class tracked.   Should be with you Saturday but the way things are it could be Monday.

  13. Hi Peter can you tell me if you have any CX650 head gaskets in stock?  

    Pete G advised me to contact you as we seem to be having trouble with the shop at the moment.

    1. Peter



      I believe we do have the 650 head gaskets.

      I will have a look tomorrow and let you know.


    2. Peter


      Just checked the stock level and it shows 6.

      I can see the shop stock though the menu on the home screen.

      You should be able to order though that.  If not let me know and I will sort it out manually.

  14. Bozo, Andy - a guy called Kev Thompson from Nottingham had a refurbished rad for sale on the "Honda CX500 best motorcycle made" facebook group. if you can contact him should be able to tell you where he had it done.

    1. Andrew B

      Andrew B

      I don't know if it's another quirk of the 'new' site but I'm struggling to undestand this 'post''.  It's obviously not a PM to me (is it ?) but if it's a general post why does it come up as a 'status' ?

  15. Hello Andrew, Have you ever had a CX  or simular radiator refurbished. If so, who did you use or could you recommend a company in the Herts/Beds/Cambs area. Thanks

    Hope you are keeping good and have finished your CXZ engine.


    1. Andrew B

      Andrew B

      Hi Andy - no I haven't so I can't help you. I might be asking you the same question in a few months !  Slow going on the engine atm - busy at work and the block turned out to be u/s so done very little for 2 months. Just updated my thread so it's all in there.  Whereabouts are you ?

  16. Have not seen any accounts for year ending 2019/20. Have we still got a secretary that looks after our accounts.

  17. Hi Michael welcome to the club you can find lots of advice and help here try posting under the main topics on the forum members tend to read them first when logging on to the site and you should get a faster response 

  18. Greatings to everyone.

    1. JDub


      Hi Dennis welcome to the club, Nice rust free bike you got there, Cx500b myself. Doesn’t look like you need it but have a root around in the tech files, loads of interesting stuff there.

  19. Hello Pete, My coolant pipe arrived safe this morning. Thank You for keeping the wheels turning in this club, All the Best.


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