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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Peter


    When did you order the filters? I've been back though the invoices back to November and I can't see any trace of a payment.
  3. PB

    Maggot on home page

    Cheeky bugger 🤣
  4. gunna trev

    Shakedown ride

    You could not afford them eric😉
  5. Mike in France

    just for fun . Word Association.

  6. Last week
  7. Mike in France

    GL500 Bitsa project

    It's when you buy the 1kg tin of autosolve, you know you have a problem (not that I know anything about where to but them mind...🤐)
  8. Mike in France

    Just for fun 2 - -Three words only , Any topic

    talking in riddles 😆
  9. David Lamb

    Rickman Honda rear rack

    Cheers, i will take a look
  10. Mike in France

    National Rally - day visitors

    Please remember that anyone who can't commit to the weekend but wants to join for the day or just a few hours, will be welcome and there will be free tea and coffee (and biccies) for members, to share while we natter bikes. Anyone wanting to stay on for the meal is also welcome, the cost being £14.00 for the evening meal- booking please a week before. Hope to see you there.
  11. BC30SE

    Good offer on Lidl impact wrench

    The bolts were torqued to 80 100 120 160NM, I think for the price of 300PLN in my country, this is a great offer:
  12. gunna trev

    Eurosport started

    6years lawrie and I thought I was a lazy sod at 4years
  13. after being sent the wrong screen, the correct one has finally turned up. 6'' shorter than stock (behind/clear) and with a light tint. very nice.
  14. PeteG_CX500

    National Rally 2019 June 21st to 23rd- Confirmed

    Winnat's Pass. spent many a happy hour in my youth caving around there.
  15. GRAHAM

    Posting pictures

    Hi Peter, I never thought of that. Not sure if it's due or not, can't remember. I'll look into it. Cheers, Graham.
  16. Mike in France

    sound ZAB fuel tank

    Prefer those lines too! Thanks for that photo Tel.
  17. Earlier
  18. hi Peter and hows things with you today. so where is the annual rally being held this year .iv just joined up but I need to pay membership and I would like to come along to the annual meeting. kind regards samuel 

    1. John Mac

      John Mac

      Good to see you on the site Samuel, I'll contact you later via the details you gave me. However you should be able to sign up as a full member (VIP member) by following the Links on the home page Cheers John

  19. scott-lee

    Blue 650 c ebay

    the custom in question is from top dog motorcycles, run by a chap called Gem. this is where i got my wing from, a couple of months ago. if it's of any use to anyone, i found him to be very honest and helpful. and he arranged the delivery for a good price for me.
  20. Hi my name is David and i have just recently joined the club and purchase a CX500 Z this is the second time i have owned a CX500 although the last time was back in the late 70s / early 80s  however i have been a continues ride of bikes since the mid 70s when i bought my first bike a purple Yamaha FS1E.

    I currently own a Yamaha thundercat as well as the CX500.

    Since purchasing the CX500 i have been trying to find a Rickman Honda rear rack for the CX and was wondering if any member had one for sale or no where i might be able to get one. 


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    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      Hi Dave nice to have you with us at last ☺️. Hope somebody on here can help you with your request.for a rear rack 😉.

    3. John Mac

      John Mac

      Welcome to the club, hope someone can sort you out.

    4. David Lamb

      David Lamb

      Thank you  everyone for the warm welcome and i look forward to meeting  members during the year.

  21. BC30SE

    strange whizzing sound when idling and revved

    I think the whizzz you are talking about is just what you should hear from a healthy motor.. it comes from the proper tension on the camchain and it wont be heard when the chain is old and slack... so.. it looks you did a good job on it...
  22. J.C.

    Wintergreen oil

    I will admit to having used it not only to soften up carb insulators but also to refresh leaky float bowl gaskets in a new-to-me old bike where they weren't readily available so I could test it without getting fuel everywhere... and it worked for that. Don't know how long it would have lasted, but it's not half bad stuff. I had a thought last night and added a note today about it being toxic and potentially lethal if ingested, particularly for children.
  23. Mike in France

    GL/CX 500 coolant hoses

    I use straight hoses but insert a spring so you can bend the hose to required shape without it bending on itself.
  24. John Mac

    TT sailing

    Anyone who missed out on getting a decent sailing for this year's TT. Unsold tickets from the 28th Feb cut off time to pay the balance will go on sail tomorrow Phone lines and online booking open at either 8am or 8:30am not sure as the girl at the IOM office wasn't sure of the time either. Best option if you live in the North West is to queue at either Liverpool or Heysham booking office from around 7am
  25. gunna trev

    Rear shock thread pitch

    I am Peter I did say at a guess just that the tread looks course to me but I have been known to be wrong once or twice 🤔
  26. As above guys please. Doesnt matter about condition of foam or cover as I only need the base, thanks.
  27. phronsias

    GL650 on ebay (not mine)

    I'd give it a home for £500, the seller sells motorbike parts and I dont think it was in his garage for 5 years, he comes across in his emails as someone with knowledge, he repaired the tank but couldn't get it to run ,a lot of ifs with this bike.
  28. wjvh

    Fork Bushes, CX500EC

    I’ll take the right leg apart tonight and check. Was doing one at a time as I didn’t want to mix up any parts between the two legs but I’ll just have to do this and be careful with the parts. the motofaction information is interesting thanks, Will
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