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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Mike in France

    Just for fun 2 - -Three words only , Any topic

    spare the rod
  3. Mike in France

    just for fun . Word Association.

    Phone 😵
  4. gunna trev

    FYI - How many left?

    Seen that on ebay look OK ish but would need a lot spending on it to get it decent 8000 yeah pull the other one
  5. phronsias

    CX500EC Carburettor Rubbers

    £15.95 with free postage https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-CX500-Eurosport-GL500-Silverwing-airbox-to-carb-rubber/183645209720?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  6. BrendanO

    BrendanO's NTV650P

    Sorry Mark, just spotted your comment mid-Jan! NTV is classic high-end Honda build, but not comfiest seat (got mine refoamed for Germany last year). Tiny battery for size of engine. I put higher bars on, used to get sore shoulders after 90 min, would still like a little higher. Engine accrues speed in a "modern" manner, competent but not exciting. 55mpg urban stop-start, more out of town. Fine 2-up. Heavyish to pick up if dropped <ahem>. Mine was low mileage, dealer serviced annually, until 4 yrs before me when it was all year commuter for previous owner. This does mean a bit of corrosion, and a tendency to snap fasteners occasionally (eg fork leg) when dismantling; that was a PITA. Then again, I paid £530 in 2011 for a 26k bike. I've replaced reg/rect unit, silencer (downpipes I think last forever), done forks, new clutch at 50k. 2-3 batteries. Tappets and plugs a bit of a bugger to get to.
  7. BrendanO

    well i nearly did

    Well-done Trev, wish I had your attitude, but I am a very lazy man! (I would be doing the easy job first - good fuel flow into carb? ...and if that worked, I might stop right there!)
  8. Last week
  9. Peter

    Try this

    No app needed Tel. Click the link and you should be taken to a website with a map and marked location. It's a world wide location system which uses a unique system of three words to locate any 9m square in the world. In this case it's 'cage.tank.observers' It's possible, if you have 'location' turned on, that it will scan across to you home location, if that's the case you will see an address bar at the bottom with ///cage.tank.observers already entered. Click it to see the described square.
  10. Peetman

    Rear brake disk for CX650E

    Yes i understood that mike drew up the new design supposed to be very good!
  11. Peetman

    1984 Honda CX65E

    Did you find these parts in the end?
  12. Peetman


    Excellent, glad you found them!
  13. Peetman

    CX500 eurosport mirrors

    Hi I think I have a good one in my garage, will have a look tomorrow......yours for the price of postage if you want it All the best P
  14. Hi guys, on the want again. This time I think I need ignitor units for the GL project. I'm unfamilar with the GL model and only ever had cdi zab models to play with and looking at parts I seem to be missing these. Not sure if euro items are the same but I think I need nec mc 5194? Thanks
  15. gunna trev

    Sheds to small

    that looks spot on tel i could do with one like that it would make a nice retreat to get away noise and turmoil in our house
  16. Tel

    Hello, from Wiltshire!

    I think the mudguard bar was a Honda part but the footboards were Markland . They made aftermarket trunk extenders too which i think you have on yours. My bike seems to have disappeared off the planet..😣😣
  17. PeteG_CX500

    The Club Shop - Outstanding Orders

    What a team!!!
  18. Martin J


  19. phronsias

    CX500 eurosport tool kit

    Hi I would be grateful if some kind person could post photo's of an original Honda CX500 eurosport tool bag and tools. Thanks in advance Frank
  20. Andrew B

    My prolink battles

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out Pawel - I've got two 650s which will need something doing when I get round to it.
  21. PB

    GL500 ignition swich

    Thanks Trev, pmd
  22. ericry

    Peter Bambrook Rebuild

    You are going into some detail there Peter, I'd love someone to do this on my bikes but I wouldnt have the time or patience myself !! Keep up the good work and posting the pics. Eric.
  23. ericry

    Engine paint

    Moving this to the "in the shed" section as this section is for people giving tips etc where as the "in the Shed" section is better for asking questions etc. Eric.
  24. Earlier
  25. Tel

    2019 North Devon Rally

    Pete , I hope while you are finishing the whiskey with Lance , that you could encourage him back to the fold . 😉🍺
  26. gunna trev

    Venue in Yorkshire

    Is Bedford available?
  27. From £10.00 Excludes postage

  28. mogsman

    Front mudguard

    The clamps and bolts turned up today. Totally forgot about the bushes, but have ordered a pair from Wemoto.
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