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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  2. Martin J

    CX500 custom USA import ignition coils ?

    I used some cheap eBay ones, had em on a few years now no issues other than had to drill a bit of flat plate to line up the mounting holes as the new coils were a lot shorter than original
  3. Peetman

    Cx500 eurosport

    Yep...thats the euro.....thought it was bloody loud!!!
  4. Peetman

    Selling my GL700

    Thanks Lawrie!! You will find a buyer....if you want the word put out elsewhere im happy to help! Yes that camchain was allowed to get stupidly long....but what actually saved it is the way the tensioner broke believe it or not it was taking up extra slack!
  5. Yesterday
  6. CXDeluxeGav

    2019 North Devon Rally

    That’s both sad and good news Syd. I hope the you all enjoy the wedding. You guys will be missed. See you next year
  7. F.W.R


    Hi and welcome to the club, now the better weather is here will have to see if we can get the North West local group together for a drink and chat one evening. Please do post any photos of the bike others will be interested in your project. Regards Rob.
  8. My CX500EC is missing the little button (knob) on top of the trip meter reset stalk, part 37204-MC7-611 or 37204-MC7-612 (see: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-NOS-CX500-TC-CX650-T-1982-83-Clock-Meter-Knob-37461-MC7-612-H19b/392291928592?hash=item5b566bca10:g:y6UAAOSwTmxc0HRc&frcectupt=true) This piece is gonna cost about £20 postage! Anyone know of UK or EU stock or otherwise a cheaper source? Also I will need the 2.3 x 8 screw (part 90600-mc7-611) for the knob - anyone know of a source? Failing that, I can probably track down a screw which will fit for this but does anyone know what the thread pitch is? Thanks, Will
  9. .... On Sunday, in fact, and on my driveway not the shed ... So ... F&R brakes needed a right old clean up after a few wet and salty weeks back in November 2018. Nothing too bad, but they received a thorough in-situ clean and are working pretty well now, no binding or scraping. As part of my clean up I replaced the rubber caliper boots (part 45133-166-016, see: https://www.kfm-motorraeder.de/cms/en/genuine-spare-parts/honda-spare-parts?itemid=45133166016) BUT I could not get these to fit properly, the bottom of the boot would go into the requisite groove on the caliper but then it was too tight to slide the pin through; the pin either pushed the boot out of place or just ripped the boot. The boots I was using were aftermarket rubber boots, seemed pretty good quality and cost about £2.50 each. Anyone else had similar experiences? Shall I order some OE boots from Honda? Will that make a difference? Cheers, Will
  10. Finally back out and about on my CX500EC. She's ticking along very nicely. Brakes as rubbish as ever but at least the engine does a good job with brake assist. Rear brake has had an extensive in-situ clean, the front brakes also had similar treatment. Carbs need some tuning and probably balancing. Having ridden an NC700S for the last few months the CX does feel rather heavy but much more visceral. My CX is now on dry-weather duties only; I'll aim to do 3,000 miles ish per annum and keep her mechanically sound but she won't be show condition; she's a usable and in-use classic. Perhaps I'll make it to one of the club or region meets .... Cheers, Will
  11. gunna trev

    Project 4 done

    Well it's taxed and tested and the gears work like they should so its all systems go I have never worn earplugs before but with this I might have to it's blinking loud
  12. first coat of high build primer is on. wasn't too precious with this coat,as its just to highlight the high spots, and will all be sanded off.
  13. Mike in France

    just for fun . Word Association.

  14. Last week
  15. rfw

    Clearing out - Rads

    I have 3 ZAB/C type rads I'm disposing of as I'm going off brand for a rad. 2 definitely have leaks, one doesn't appear to but I havent fully pressure tested it just filled it with water they all look well used They may be useful for someone to send off for repair/recore if theirs is getting shabby failing that I'll weigh them in. All FOC just collect or cover any P&P costs
  16. Geoff

    Another MOT passed

    Cheers Pete, That is one nice looking Motor you have there
  17. ericry

    my old gl650 on ebay

    He's not giving it away !! Eric.
  18. ericry

    Feet Forward CX

    Even riding a 650c my tailbone is murder...so wouldnt even consider something like that.....seat looks kinda funny re lower back support ???
  19. ericry

    GL650 on ebay

    Bit rough ok, but could have been in a shed rather than out in the elements....pig in a poke really !! Eric.
  20. ericry

    Carb balancing screw

    Is it a standard screw/bolt , with standard threads etc ?? is it the one with the slot cut in the top of it for balancing the cabs ? Eric.
  21. rfw

    Rae san ignition

    "It has an altered CDI loom with a TI engine in it  " If that's Swampys old bike, I did that! 😛 I changed over from CDI to TI engines about ten years ago and glad i did, its been very reliable I've thought of a few ways to use the CDI killswitch to stop my TI motor, but it never bothered me enough to actually do it. Now I'm tarting the old thing up (cos it historical now innit?), I've laid in cable to do it but haven't decided which method to use. and I probably wont get round to it unti I get her running again so I can test and experiment with it. I did start a pulser rebuild project ages ago but none have given problems to make me take it seriously, I might pick that up again too.
  22. Mike in France

    Athena head gaskets

    Used loads - put on dry- never had a problem, in fact as aftermarket they are my first choice.
  23. ericry

    Cx500 eurosport radiator

    Be nice if we could source a replacement Radiator that could be used across most 500 models and had a electric fan on it, pre-wired with heat switch to active fan and ready to plug into the loom...would allow 500 owners to replace existing rad and remove power draining fan and have a setup that only runs when needed !! Eric.
  24. ericry

    CX500z caliper required

    You might be able to drill out the old bleed nipple or if the threads in the caliper are gone then tap up to the next size ??? Eric.
  25. Earlier
  26. Martin J


    Saw a red one on M18 around junction 5 heading west at about 4.30ish this afternoon.
  27. gunna trev

    Peter Bambrook Rebuild

    And it shows eric😁
  28. ericry

    Freebie dingy trailer

    Most the weight over the axle with more over the hitch then than over the back...if you have more weight over tipping it backwards than over the hitch then you run the risk of it lifting off the hitch which is really dangerous. A trailer shouldnt want to tip up with a load on it...it should have some weight on the hitch.....if it doesnt then its not right. Eric.
  29. ericry


    When I'm half cut I cant remember the second bit and usually just asked for a Guinness !
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