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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  1. Today
  2. Wirral Mike

    2018 National Rally 18th, 19th & 20th May

    I'll be there, in diary, just got to get winter done and dusted.
  3. PB

    Classic Bike show Shepton Mallet Feb 2019

    PB 1979 CX500Z Ran as a rat bike for 10 years, decided to tidy the ol girl up a bit after I striped the spark plug thread and a leaky rear gasket.
  4. ericry

    chrome to stop ?

    True ! 🙂 Eric.
  5. ericry

    project four

    yeah but since then I cut the arse off it, removed the mudguards and replaced the brake resevoir with a small clear plastic tube...its now worth £7500 !! Eric.
  6. Ol Turbs

    [FOR SALE]Honda CBX 1000z/ab

    Could you make it £475 per week for 31 weeks it can be yours ( just move the . Lol) 🤪
  7. ericry

    how do they do it

    oh well, at least the filter straw thingy can be used !
  8. Yesterday
  9. gunna trev

    project two

    Watch this space😉
  10. PB

    Ignition coil

    Thanks Pete, pmd you
  11. PeteG_CX500

    Membership stuff

    Hi Phil, I've received your payment, Invoice marked as paid. Thank you for renewing
  12. ericry

    Cx diesel

    Think PeteG spotted an issue with permissions - maybe ping him if you cant see the option to attach a file/photo
  13. ericry

    project one

    Nice...I struggle with the 650c sitting position, end up with a sore tailbone !! Eric.
  14. ericry

    I TRIED to get in my garage...

    I've a 20x30 garage but with 5 bikes, about 10 pushbikes, ride-on mower, half finished chicken house, dogs cage, 3 cats, punch bag, ab board.....(last 2 not mine) its kinda tight !
  15. gunna trev

    project three

    very true marty it's the cost of them now bikes and parts for our range are going up so fast and i am not to far a way from retirement [ i hope ]
  16. Marty

    DGR Ottawa

    Keith, if you do come over next year dont forget you've got CX / GL friends here who would want to meet up / host you two I'm sure. Just give us plenty of notice.
  17. Last week
  18. PeteG_CX500

    Iv,e got one here it is

    Good idea Trev, Get Posting!
  19. nippongreen

    Spam subscription invoice ?

    Thanks Peter, And thank you for doing a great job. All is well here 🙂
  20. ericry

    Oil jet under pistons

    Never seen that before either !
  21. Tel

    Rally Trophies

    Thanks Pete

    Honda CB750 K2

    I wish it was, they were 1968/69 models and worth a few bob, this one is a 1972 K2 model when the American export production took off. These models decimated the British bike industry which never invested for re-tooling for newer models.
  23. Andy Geelan

    Bedford Rally

    Pete, I may be interested, keep me informed and I will try to be part of it.We did say that there should still be a meet up even if there is no National. It would be a shame if we lost this site as its a good one. Andy.
  24. PeteG_CX500

    Registering a UK CX with the DMV in the USA?

    I do hope yo get sorted Wolfgang, I know how annoying bureaucracy can be!
  25. Tel

    Post a pic of your 1st bike

    I had a CG125 in the early '90's , different look to yours but a great little engine .

    CX500 Cafe

    Why thank you Sir, I try my best and enjoy every one, so does my eldest Son, he pinches them as soon as they're built, test rides he says......🙄
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