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I Used To Have One Of Those

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  2. Welcome to the club Paul, That's a nice looking bike you have there.
  3. Once Squires Biker cafe reopens we will get back to the Monthly meetups
  4. Hi everybody, After my cx failing to start i have stripped down carburettors and replaced all jets and air cut off valves. It starts and runs great now but i cant get the tickover below 2000 revs. I have the correct distance gap on the throttle stop and i have screwed in the pilot jets and back two turns. Any ideas guys please

    1. terry bennett

      terry bennett

      forgot to mention its a 1980 500

  5. Welcome Tomo and Paul- as just posted in another thread NE member Geoff used to organise meet ups... but covid has put a hold on that. Good to have you on board, the club has been a bit quiet the last year, but it isn't normally like this. Guess we were all waiting with baited breathe as to when we could get out- let's hope this year will bring better things. Mike
  6. Try contacting Geoff on here, search members, he often sorted out meet ups in the NE , but of course that isn't possible right now. Welcome and a tidy custom that. How long have you had her? Mike
  7. Hello Paul. Smart looking custom there. I’m in Chester le street with a 500 Eurosport
  8. I’m back! 

  9. i had to screen shot this, first thing in the morning. i wasn't sure if it was a joke,to be honest. by the time i got to work, there were over 20 comments, ranging from disbelief, sarcasm,to outright rude. i thought mine was extremely restrained.......................
  10. We are not in complete lockdown yet in Scotland, but for how long?

  11. until
    Here in the North East we have a monthly meet up for some good old bike chat and a break from the chores. The meet is usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7.30pm, but the date can vary. We meet at the famous Squires biker café near Sherburn in Elmet, which can be found on the B1222 at Newthorpe, North Yorkshire, just off Junction 42 of the A1(M), postcode LS25 5LX. Everyone welcome
  12. yeah right...for your engine.....whatever.....
  13. Hi Paul, I live just outside of Darlington. As wjvh said, nice bike !. My CX is currently in a lot of pieces undergoing a rebuild. Hopefully will get her on the road again next year and maybe if this pandemic is under control, we might all get a chance to meet up for a ride out !.
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