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26 counties of Republic of Ireland and 6 counties of Northern Ireland
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  2. wjvh


    That looks great 👍
  3. Guest


    I love the exhaust on this bike
  4. yoda


    Kilbeggan Brekkie meet
  5. yoda


    My first GL400
  6. yoda


    My GL400 Cafe Racer
  7. yoda


    Breakfast meet in Limerick
  8. yoda


    Breakfast meet in Limerick
  9. Yeah, you can print off your own map and PDF of the list of points each year and frame it !!!
  10. That looks a great motivation and clever idea Eric. Might be tempted next year. Do they do a paper mashe award ? 🤣
  11. If you're visiting Ireland on a motorbike and are wondering where to go then this will help. Its a list of "things" to visit dotted all around Ireland. You visit each place and take a picture of your bike there . Each year there are 24 new locations to visit. They provide a map as well as GPS co-ordinates (in a downloadable file if needed). You have between Feb and Oct to visit all the places. Then you submit all your photos online (need a min of 12, cost 10 euro I think) then you get a Bronze Pin for 12, Silver for 18 and Gold for 24 locations. You can go to the gala dinner event in early February where they announce the next year's location and drink and be merry. sorry forgot the URL, here it is http://irishphotorally.ie/ - 2018 map of the points below along with one of my point photos, think this is the 2018 No. 18 point !! Eric.
  12. One to do if you're ever in Ireland https://www.wildatlanticway.com/home Eric.

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