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I Used To Have One Of Those

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All of Scotland

  1. What's new in this club


    I think that should have been Que sera sera, in case a few Pedants are reading.


    Great Pics, Bike and owner both looking well. You are like me I manage to post a photograph and then the next time I try it takes me all day. Che Sera Sera as they say.
  4. This is the third time ive tried to post photo,s . if at first you don't succeed etc Oban1
  5. BrendanO

    Old Job Advert

    This appeared in the bike press maybe mid-80s with the slogan (approx) "Score 2 out of 3 and you could be working for us." I can't remember the name of the despatch company. It's been on the wall in my garage for a number of years and makes me smile.
  6. BrendanO

    Prolink wishbone removed

    ...check out the pile of swarf (that's pile #2; I already tidied pile #1!). Little wishbone is still on the bike, giggling and giving me the tongs!! But it's only a matter time now...
  7. BrendanO

    Stubborn bolt: after ;)

    Been stuck like glue! One of the two bolts joining big Prolink wish one to swingarm on CX500EC. COBALT DRILLS, MMMMM!!
  8. BrendanO

    New Mural, Dalbeattie

    On the wall of local Honda dealer Paterson (now calked Paterson ATV), April 2019, Dalbeattie, SW Scotland
  9. BrendanO

    First breakdown

    Glad you got this sorted - hopefully not tooo serious! Bike looking good.
  10. mkCX

    MkCX's 1980 CX500A

    A selection of photos of my 1980 A model, including it's original form in the early 80s, it's discovery in 2016 in my grandparent's garage where it had been sitting for 30 years, some rebuild progress photos and finally a few from more recent runs.
  11. mkCX

    First breakdown

    From the album: MkCX's 1980 CX500A

    First breakdown, as yet undiagnosed.
  12. BrendanO

    BrendanO's NTV650P

    Sorry Mark, just spotted your comment mid-Jan! NTV is classic high-end Honda build, but not comfiest seat (got mine refoamed for Germany last year). Tiny battery for size of engine. I put higher bars on, used to get sore shoulders after 90 min, would still like a little higher. Engine accrues speed in a "modern" manner, competent but not exciting. 55mpg urban stop-start, more out of town. Fine 2-up. Heavyish to pick up if dropped <ahem>. Mine was low mileage, dealer serviced annually, until 4 yrs before me when it was all year commuter for previous owner. This does mean a bit of corrosion, and a tendency to snap fasteners occasionally (eg fork leg) when dismantling; that was a PITA. Then again, I paid £530 in 2011 for a 26k bike. I've replaced reg/rect unit, silencer (downpipes I think last forever), done forks, new clutch at 50k. 2-3 batteries. Tappets and plugs a bit of a bugger to get to.
  13. mkCX

    BrendanO's NTV650P

    How do you find the NTV? Theres a cheap one I was considering as change from the CG as my commute may be getting longer soon.
  14. Guest

    BrendanO's NTV650P

    Is he a pheasant Plucker ?
  15. Guest

    BrendanO's XBR500

    Never ridden one of these but always fancied the idea. So your dad was into bikes as well ? That explains a lot !!
  16. Guest

    BrendanO's NTV650P

    Brendan, I don't know if you were aware of this but there's a dead pheasant hanging from the back of your bike.
  17. BrendanO

    BrendanO's NTV650P

    From the album: Bikes of Scottish Members

    1993 (by frame number, the 3rd one! Shame it wasn't more cosseted then). Bought in 2011 with 26k, commuter corrosion, and this huge fairing! Here being used for gamebird prep st my parents' house. Currently 52k, recent clutch, bar risers, and fairing off in summer.
  18. mkCX

    Bikes of Scottish Members

    A selection of images of bikes belonging to Scottish Members. All bikes welcome, CX or otherwise.
  19. BrendanO

    BrendanO's XBR500

    From the album: Bikes of Scottish Members

    My dad bought it new in 1986. I got it in 2011 with 13k on it. Original except higher bars (CBX550). Currently 22k.
  20. BrendanO

    BrendanO's CX500ec Eurosport

    From the album: Bikes of Scottish Members

    Bought in 2002 with 33K on the clock, pearlescent white and totally original. Now 75k, camchain at 40k, triple bypass at 67k, maybe 3 sets of Motads. For last 18 months, has been off the road with Prolink problems.
  21. BrendanO

    Aberdeenshire in November

    Nov 2018. Borrowed Lawrie's ZAB while staying at his house - stunning day, beautiful autumnal colours, quite mild, and roadside snow if you look hard.
  22. The scene of Scottish CX rallies (jointly with Ariel OC) and general haven for bikers, snowsports fans, and tour buses, before it burned down.
  23. BrendanO

    CX500ec Eurosport at work

    November 2015, A89 returning to Edinburgh having collected a bouldering mat bought on Ebay.
  24. BrendanO

    Autumn in Aberdeenshire

    Nov 2018. Borrowed Lawrie's ZAB while staying at his house - stunning day, beautiful autumnal colours, quite mild, and snow on distant mountains if you look hard.
  25. BrendanO

    1980 CX500A - First Club Run

    That's a very well-shot pic!
  26. BrendanO

    Bikes of Scottish Members

    Marty, you do know that Highlands And Islands is only one area of Scotland? (cue massive debate on correct current and past name for every region/county/administrative area/borough/local council and what went wrong with boundary changes. And the Beeching Axe)