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  1. ericry

    New era

    Hi Marty, can you add me as a Club Officer and give me the correct SM permissions etc ? Thanks Eric,
  2. ericry

    The clubs gas cooker / BBQ

    Is this the one Mike Smith donated to the club ? if so maybe we should ask him if he wants it or what he wants to happen to it ?? Or is it another one ? Eric.
  3. ericry

    WTF is this?

    Dont like it ! Eric.
  4. common problem......they roll out the intelligent one to talk to real people then they pass the work over to one of the monkeys in the background who is not able to talk to people and he does his own thing. Thats why I'd rather have a go very carefully myself than let them go ham fisted at it !! Just because they have a sign over the door doesnt mean all of them are good !! Eric.
  5. Great bike riding state...away from the cities and into the hills is lovely..plus prefect weather year round !! Eric.
  6. ericry

    Helix scooter

    Some of the modern scoots are very good bikes - there's 650's from BMW and I think an 800 from Gilera. Plus Honda's new DCT means you can get a VFR1200, Africa Twin, NC750 and Integra scooter type things too ! Tempted by a NC750X if I won the lotto ! Eric.
  7. ericry

    No flash

    One of my bikes had an original 3 wire flasher which was replaced with a 2 wire which then had about 3 bits of different wires along the line - there can be lots of hacking done to old bikes ! Eric.
  8. ericry

    Helix scooter

    Seems to be good reports on them Tel ! Eric.
  9. ericry

    I'm back again too!!

    Welcome back Tel - hope to see you at the National ! Eric.
  10. ericry

    2018 National Rally 18th, 19th & 20th May

    Treat her a week early Chris then you're free !! Eric
  11. ericry

    2018 National Rally 18th, 19th & 20th May

    Thats a great price - for 2-3 nights free camping, 2 dinners and 2 brekkies !! Well done John ! The club usually provides a drink voucher to be used to get a drink for our toast to fallen members on the Sat evening after dinner too. I assume we'll still do this. - so extra value there !! Eric.
  12. Tacho seal is a bit of a pig to get out as the little drive blade is sitting in the middle of it ! Best method is to use a small self tapping screw and screw it carefully into the body of the seal until it bites (2 or 3mm only) then grab this screw with a narrow nose pliers and pull out the seal (it should come unless some numpty has superglued it in - has happened !!). You may need to screw into the otehr side of the seal to get a pull on it from a different angle too. Be careful as you're working down a "tube" and if you lever the pliers on the edge of it you could crack it. Eric.
  13. I just did a cam chain and followers on one of my bikes and ended up within a couple of months leaking coolant from the mech seal and my battery not charging from a duff stator - when you have the cover off so all you have to !! I would also replace any rubber o-rings too - there are a couple inside the back cover I think on water pipes I believe - and a few inside the front cover on oil flow pipes. I would also replace the onbes on the water pipe elbows up near the heads and the coolant pipe at the back water pump. I would also replace the oil pump chain as this is always stretched beyond its specs too. I would pull the heads off too and re-grind the valve seats and put in new valve seals too. With the engine out I'd replace the little tacho drive oil seal too - it can leak once every 20 years or so !!! I'd also replace the little oil seal in the clutch cover and the oil seal at the gear change lever. And refurb your starter - take it apart - clean lightly - replace o-rings and brushes - and do the earth mod (tap to inside cap of starter). Easier to do all these jobs while the engine is out. Eric.
  14. Yep, I soldered mine !! Eric.
  15. ericry

    Brake light not working properly

    You can take out the switch (think a screw from the underside holds it in) and bring to your local bike shop and buy a replacement - usually can get a decent copy and they are only a quid or 2. Make sure your spade connectors to this switch are tight and maybe pull them off and clean them. Eric.

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The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.