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  1. PB

    My 1977 Cx500z and 1978 CBX1000z/a

    That CBX is lush Lance, you must be very proud😍
  2. PB

    Could have been worse

    Good find Graham, Ive never heard of that happening before
  3. PB

    my new toy

    Marty. I know a guy in Dawlish who can respray your bike and airbrush the graphics on instead of decals, top quality and reasonable price, check out Killerpaint on fb. I have his number if you want it.
  4. PB

    Testing testing...pictures ?

    2 random pics just for fun
  5. PB

    first post on new site

    Well, what can I say, first thing that hits me is my bike smack bang in the middle of the screen😁 Just scrolling through checking things out. Its gonna take some getting used to I reckon, just for fun I'm gonna post a pic too😂
  6. I popped out this weekend too, not 250 miles though too cold for that, I just nipped out for breakfast about 25 miles. first ride in a month due to crap weather, chilly but sunny :wink: :wink:
  7. PB

    WTF is this?

    It's no surprise that I like a modified CX....... but this is fook ugly http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-CX500-cafe-racer-rebuilt-in-2017/222848736007?hash=item33e2d1db07:g:p2cAAOSw1RVajJAp" target="_blank ....and how is it going to be usable with the shaft at that angle?? I realise it's on a stand but.....?????
  8. PB

    2018 North Devon Rally

    I think it was 2007 Kent National last time we met!! Too long
  9. PB

    Bristol Bike show 3-5 Feb 2018

    I agree with the stand needing a little upgrade, there are some really nice club stands that I saw and took note of, one that caught my eye had a turntable with lighting so that viewers had a chance to see all around the bike without climbing in the stand and risking knocking something over, I guess an electric motor rigged up to a gear of somesort is needed. Tel, that bike is what was formally dads "Desert Rat". Hope you like it :wink:
  10. PB

    Bristol Bike show 3-5 Feb 2018

    Dave took these pics, I pinched them off fb :wink: :wink:
  11. PB

    Bristol Bike show 3-5 Feb 2018

    Just loaded the bike and tons of warm bedding, see you Saturday, hope to arrive by 8am
  12. PB

    2018 North Devon Rally

    Nice one Lance, see you there :wink:
  13. PB

    Bristol Bike show 3-5 Feb 2018

    Hi guys, could someone kindly save me a parking spot in the same area as I wont be able to arrive until 8/8.30 on Saturday, I will have the bike on the trailer and kipping in the car as I did last year, ta muchly, looking forward to it :wink: :wink:
  14. PB

    No flash

    Steve, I got the relay from my local bike repair/MOT shop, he keeps them in stock and they work with both regular type bulbs and LED it was just a straight swap with the old flasher relay , guessing it is a generic part. Hope this helps. Not sure if this link is right but looks the same. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FLASHER-RELAY-For-LED-INDICATOR-MOTORCYCLE-MOTORBIKE-BIKE-RESISTOR-2-PIN-12V-new/151993812626?epid=1494347760&hash=item2363898692:g:WScAAOSweW5VcXUW
  15. PB

    Bristol Bike show 3-5 Feb 2018

    ...and me three, see you there early Saturday :wink:

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The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.