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  1. In the end, I chose to get a G8 stator. DS had the best price & its an electrex part. I am on with the wiring now & just about done, no issues it was reasonably straightforward. Might try & post a pic or two. The mech seal change has turned into its own mini drama but now hopefully resolved. I decided to take it to a local motor engineer company (I have used before), for them to swop as I didn’t know if the existing one was the original smaller diameter or a later replacement, and I didn’t feel competent enough not to make a mess of enlargement if required. So I took the rear case to them with the old seal still in place so they could see how it located in the case etc. I explained the story of the different sized seals etc. They said they were very busy & that it would be a couple of weeks before they could get round to it. That wasn’t an issue because I still had to order parts & wait for them to arrive. So eventually got my cover back (after they had forgotten about everything I had told them on dropping the cover off). Seal in nicely weep hole still visible, then I spot the deliberate mistake. They have enlarged the hole by reaming out the hole from the inside face of the cover. Nice job ,but the oil seal is slightly loose,lol. So after abit of a panic & a rant about nobody being competent at anything, I thought about the possible solutions. The oil seal is also available with the same id & thickness in a 2mm large od. So ordered one, it arrived the next day, took the cover back & explained the issue. They were more embarrassed than apologetic and promised to sort it for me. So fingers crossed.
  2. Two good tips there, thanks.
  3. Hi Dan, That’s interesting. What set up is your bike running? Cdi or ignitec? Did you have it rewired as original? Or if ignitec fitted did you have some wires deleted on the rewire? I.e. the blue & white, plus the advance pulser wires? Did you have any earth wires added? Did you have any issues explaining to them exactly what you required? Sorry for the number of questions but I want to get this right the first time. Martin.
  4. Anyone had recent rewind done by West Country Winding ?
  5. Having looked on the cx forum, it would seem that the pick ups are still needed. With the ignitec in place the advance pulser & its wiring are now redundant & can be omitted.
  6. All good stuff , thanks. Eric, the tacho seal has been leaking for a while, struggled to work out how to remove it previously but am determined to sort it now. As regards the rear cover gouging, I now believe it is not the original cover (different design to what would have been fitted ). So I think it was done before fitmentto my engine. On examination of the cam chain tensioner, it is showing no wear whatsoever. There is no evidence of problems with the tensioner blades either. So at present planning not to touch. I will be renewing all the relevant o rings. Still not clear on the stator renew. With an ignitec, I know I no longer need the blue & white wires. Do I still need the pick ups or are they now redundant? If I buy a G8 replacement, what are the wiring arrangements/ mods needed for it to plug into my set up. If I go down the route of having my stator rewound, do I send it as is, I.e. with all the wiring / pick ups still connected? Or should I split the wiring sleeve to separate these? Again, what exactly do you normally receive back? Should it come back with the rubber grommets in situ & all sleeved up with the appropriate connector blocks attached? Cheers, Martin.
  7. Thanks for the replies, guys. At present don’t have any concerns with the mech seal replacement. Still not 100 per cent decided on the stator. To date I haven’t seen any info on what I will need to do regarding the wiring should I get an aftermarket G8 stator. I do not have the actual cdi anymore , so it’s not something I have to take in to consideration.
  8. Martin J

    CX500A Garage Find

    Yes, it looks like you have done a nice job there.
  9. Got the engine out of the frame yesterday (79 deluxe, cdi, but running on ignitec). Removed the rear cover & stripped it bare, apart from the old mech seal, which I have left in situ. The reason being, I don’t know if the existing seal is the smaller type or not. Like others, I am not comfortable with attacking the rear cover myself, so have entrusted the job to a local company I trust. (Got the new seal from the club shop, thanks, Marty.) The stator is leaving me a bit confused & unsure which way to proceed. I like the idea of using the G8 model, for the increase in power but as I would need to adapt the wiring to suit, I’m not sure that I would be competent enough for it to be successful. I believe not all the existing components are no longer required because of the ignitec. So I am leaning towards having the existing one rewound. Question, when having a stator rewound, does it normally get returned with the required wiring in place ready to plug in or does it need adding once returned? What is the reason the G8 is more powerful? Can a rewound G47 be rewound to a higher output? Camchain & tensioner. On inspection of the rear cover, at some point in the bike’s history, the camchain (possibly the original one), has come into contact with the cover, with gouges in the metal right at the top. It does have the modified type of tensioner fitted. I believe I have somewhere , receipts from DS for the tensioner & camchain, given to me by the previous owner. They will have done at maximum around 15k miles, so unless I identify any unusual wear or damage I am considering leaving them alone. Having looked through the forums & YouTube , I’m surprised that I couldn’t find any comprehensive guides from start to finish on this topic bearing in mind how commonplace this issue is. Any thoughts,observations, advice , guidance and recommendations gratefully received .
  10. Martin J

    David Silvers cx500 collector Box,s

    It’s poor that the collector boxes have been failing so prematurely. Well done though Lance for persevering with DS on this. It may well end up with a better product which will be of benefit to every owner renewing or replacing a stock system.
  11. Martin J

    Free picture uploading

    Had a go at trying to post a picture for my avatar but not been successful yet. I have uploaded said pic onto imgbb account & tapped the copy button but not sure what to do next for the pic to appear in the box on the profile page. Also tried uploading direct from iPad but I guess the pic is too large/too many pixels. I am attempting to do this from an iPad rather than a laptop. Any suggestions?
  12. Martin J

    New Shop Items

    Pm sent. Thanks Marty.
  13. Martin J

    New Shop Items

    Trying to place an order for a mech seal @ £5.50. When I proceed to pay, it comes up as £11.50 + p&p? Martin.
  14. Martin J

    A true classic

    Nice looking bike there,Dan.

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