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  1. Great news Mark! My Mrs started out on the back of my T140. Many bikes later, she has been spoilt by the CX - it is the most comfy bike for BOTH of us, and she is sometimes not so keen on being on the back of other bikes. Worst was MT03. And yes, it doesn't make too much of a difference two-up, which is very nice. My Euro still languishing, but I still have hope...
  2. BrendanO

    Gl500 Rear cover for the manual tensioner

    Sorry Pawel, I checked but have no spare ones...just a complete spare 500ec engine. Good luck!
  3. BrendanO

    Euro Prolink Wear

    Thanks Marty! Yes, bearing A is the worst...the leftmost fastener in your photo. The difficulty getting at it is that the side-stand bracket covers it on lhs so it's hard to press at. Not QUITE given in yet. But feeling psychologically depleted. Fair comment about Flikr, and I know that (except you can't see private photos I think, so that's ok). Will have a go at uploading to site. Plus if I keep talking about it, I am less likely to give up Cheers for support!
  4. BrendanO

    My prolink battles

    Good luck with this Pawel! I thought prices quoted to me seemed very fair. I can confirm that they are very hard indeed to remove - I have got ONE bush out using ACF50, heat, snd Johnny Alpha! Even getting the bolts/pins out is proving very very hard, I am at about 60% and close to giving in. Prolink parts, and fitting, would be a great service, filling another weakness to keep the mo oshock CXs on the road!
  5. BrendanO

    Euro Prolink Wear

    Ok, have had another couple pf goes at gentle dismantling of very stuck parts. Got most things undone, except front bolt of Prolink "saddle" -nut came off, but bolt is seized into saddle one of rear Prolink arms to swingarm - again, nut unscrewed, but bolt seized inside arm. in addition, there is still a seized bolt with both ends snapped off which used to join the teo prolink parts together. G A H !!! Johnny Alpha (who many will remember) was round today, spent a bit of time helping with blowtorch and hammer on soare saddle and got stud out of there, but no luck eksewhere. We haven't so far used heat on anything attacjed to th actual bike. Johnny was very pragmatic, raising the unpleasant thought that perhaps I can't fix this one, and maybe I have had a good run with the bike (15 years). It certainly owes me nothing, but I am very fond of it. The frme is fine, the engine is strong, has been oiled ad tappeted often, and has recent triple bypass, only the suspension has been willfully ignored for yeats until I finally had to deal with it. I have done 40k mikes on it, and it is the comfiest bike. Bloody Prolink.
  6. BrendanO

    Front Forks

    In addition to other comments, II seem to remember balance pipes being advertised as an add-on for bikes generally, when everyone was getting excited about air suspension. Hoever, it's another coupke of places for air to leak out of too! Euro 500 doesn't have them.
  7. Saddle-shaped linkage has worn on my 500ec, due I assume to seized bits inside. Got a spare swingarm/prolink attached to the remains of a frame, and managed to free it with an anglegrinder: ' target='_blank' rel='noopener'> https://flic.kr/p/FAtCqU" target="_blank" target="_blank (3 links, SAME PHOTO, not sure which you can see!) Original unit on the bike has been scooshed with ACF50, is up on the bench, and I am trying to dismantle with care. As you can see, snapped BOTH ends off one stud. This picture shows nicely ovalised hole in end of saddle (it has been makung the bike sit lower to ground for a while...) ' target='_blank' rel='noopener'> " target="_blank https://flic.kr/p/K1pWvc (again, 3 different links to one picture) Have got one other bolt moving, just. Have left it a couple of days but have time off work today, will try some gentle heat and lots of PATIENCE! Am trying not to think about this too much in order to stay motivated. However, have had a chat with Pawel who can supply new made-up pins and end caps, so am thinking positive! Fingers crossed! And apologies about crap photo embedding...sometimes I can get this to work post-Photobucket, but not often!
  8. BrendanO

    CX500A Garage Find

    You spent allthat time sorting it out, getting it pretty, then YOU TOOK IT OUT IN THE SNOW!! Are you MAD??? No, it's a CX and that's what it's FOR! Well-done for getting it salty, I am really impressed, and your grandad would be very proud of you. Amazing job.
  9. BrendanO

    David Silvers cx500 collector Box,s

    Well-done Lance! Exactlywhat a one model club is for! It is also in DS's interest B
  10. BrendanO

    2018 National Rally 18th, 19th & 20th May

    Aww Victor, your wife is a keeper, eh?
  11. BrendanO

    I'm Back Again !!

    Were you away all that time making those V-PANTS? There's some great rally merch right there!
  12. BrendanO

    Helix scooter

    Is that the same as the Spacy? Available in metallic gold!! Still cheap but kind of collectinle, in an "8-bit" way! Suspect it's a ridiculously good scoot for getting out in all weather.
  13. BrendanO

    I'm back again too!!

    Glad to hear this Tel, but you were never really away! Any chance of trailering your scoot to the National? That way, you can join the ride-out if you fancy. Looking forward to making use of your restoration brain, again
  14. BrendanO

    Brake light not working properly

    It is also possible to get hydraulically-operated switches as an upgrade, they fit direct into the brake line, eg as banjo bolt at top end. Quite a nice solution, anything from £3 on eBay up to £22 for Goidridge ones: https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/Product.do?method=view&n=392&g=243429&p=41307&d=124&c=4&l=2&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Base&utm_campaign=Brake%20Accessories&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqazRsMDO2AIV7LDtCh1O5QPjEAQYASABEgItffD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Not that I have ever had any of these on my bikes!! Still, may be useful one day
  15. FWIW, gouge marks from old camchain are fine, probably even nirmal now! If you are happy taking the r cover off yourself, then leave camchain be. If however you are paying for someone to do it, and you can afford the extra cash, swap the camchain too, then you won't be taking the cover off agsin for 30k miles, hopefully! Good luck! B

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.