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I Used To Have One Of Those

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Shake down ride

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Took my restored CX500A for its shake down ride and first outing since 2015.

Had a coolant leak and an oil leak.


The coolant leak was traced to the weep hole and suspect mechanical seal failure. With Samnav's help from afar, the mech seal was changed without pulling the engine out but using the Shep method. All worked fine and no more leaking coolant. Big thanks to Samnav for steering me in the right direction.


The oil leak. This was coming from the front of the engine.

So removed the radiator and noticed that the rubber strip around the fan shroud had wrapped itself around the fan ! This forced part of the rubber strip in between the end of the cam shaft and its oil seal where the tacho takes its drive from. Very bizarre incident.


Passed the mot with no advisories.


I was contemplating selling this one to make some garage space, but the money I have put into the resto has made me have a rethink.


Anyways, I now have all 3 of my CXs (2 black and a red) taxed, insured and mot'd.


Would contemplate swapping one of my black CXs for a blue one if anyone may be interested, but I know this is long shot.


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