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I Used To Have One Of Those

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North West social administrator ?

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We are in the final stages of launching the new web site. This new site will allow us to appoint people to load information on it. This includes the "Events" section. This simply involves ( at minimum ) putting on the site under your area whats going on in your area. Could be bike related but not necessarily. So if you hear about or read about something which might inspire someone to dig out the bike and ride there all you do is put it on your events section. We have people who've volunteered for most of the rest of the country but the North West is still wanting.

The club is appealing to anyone from that area to fulfil this simple role, so please PM me if you'd like to give something back to the club and help where you can by doing this for us.



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Still nobody from the Nth West coming toward to do this small thing for their local members. The rest of the country (5 members) is covered by willing helpers.

Come on Lancashire (& surroundings) show us how amenable you can be ?

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