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I Used To Have One Of Those

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started work on the gl yesterday took off the fairing and all the other bits and pieces what a difference it makes to moving it about hopefully marty should be posting some pics so you can see what a shed it is now i need to work out how to attach the front indicators if anyone has the original mounts for sale it would make easier i am going to take pics then post them when the new site is up and running

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If it helps, the indicator mounts for the naked GL seemed to be exactly the same as the mounts for the CX650ED, the only difference being the former are chromed and the latter are Gloss Black.

I sighted the NOS ED ones I bought to the bottom yolk when I had the fairing off and both of them lined up exactly in all the right places and the indicator stalks seemed to sit more or less level.

On that basis when I intended to convert mine I was going to use those, I wasn't really going to bother chroming them as the only visible area is where it goes around the bottom triple tree and as that is so shiny in gloss black anyway it didn't seem worth doing.

I can take some pics / get some part numbers off the bags if you like when I work out which box in my garage attic they are in. I think I also bought NOS screws to fit into the triple trees.

I hope this helps.




PS the ones I have will be for sale for what I paid for them when the GL is sold / I've found them!

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